Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Distractions: Dramatel, Old School Players, and

Yes, I am in fact working on a review of Battlestar Galactica's first two episodes of the final season to post later today or tomorrow. To tide you over until then, I leave you with some wonderful discoveries from the greatest of all inventions, the Internets:

Dramatel! I don't now how I missed this wonderful infomercial...note the not so subtle racial cue that Dramatel will help the sisters keep their men from that Black kryptonite--White, blonde women:

Dramatel is a great tool for monitoring those old school players who can't help but stray from home:

We haven't heard from them lately, so I must ask, what do the brothers from think about Barack Obama's presidential victory and inauguration?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the sagging pants issue is a crisis that black women have failed to address; yet they claim they are looking for good black men! So, how is it that white women can find the healthiest and wealthiest black men, and them elect one named Obama to be their president?!?!? HMMM?

8thlight said...

*shakes head* @ Dramatel lol