Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mickey Rourke, the Wrestler, is Now an Honorary Respectable Negro for His Love of His Most Loyal Dog Companions

Sometimes when a man's alone, all you got are your dogs and they meant the world to me.
--Mickey Rourke, during his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.

Damn Mickey, I loved the Wrestler and will share my thoughts on it this week, but you have impressed me again.

Twice in one week--and Popular Culture Week at that--we have another White brother who is by my decree an Honorary Respectable Negro.

God equals dog spelled backwards. Never forget it. My animal family members please be strong, and I will see you soon. And yes, you will get some Chinese food from the restaurant on Chapel Street.

From the Detroit Examiner:

Mickey Rourke wins Best Actor at Golden Globes and thanks his dogs in acceptance speech

by Helena Sung, Pet News Examiner

Mickey Rourke won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama at the Golden Globes this evening for his lead role in The Wrestler.

He gave a surprisingly eloquent and heartfelt speech, noting that he is not used to speaking in public and that he was almost "out of the business" (Hollywood) a few years ago. (The critics are calling his speech "interesting.")

Rourke thanked his agent, producers, co-stars, etc. and then he asked the audience if he could thank his dogs--both the ones that are still with him now, and those that had passed on.

I bet nobody's ever thanked their dog before at the Golden Globes, and I admire that Mickey Rourke did. He expressed the immense love and gratitude we feel towards our dogs who give us unconditional love, companionship and loyalty. (Not to mention regular laughs.)

Honestly, I hadn't planned on seeing The Wrestler, but since Rourke just won for Best Actor and Bruce Springsteen (who wrote the theme song for the movie) won for Best Song, I am definitely going to see it.

Below, watch video of Mickey Rourke at the Venice Film Festival last year. He brought his 16 year-old Chihuahua terrier mix, Loki with him onto the red carpet.

"My dog is very old, she is 16 and she is not going to be around for long so I want to spend every moment with her," he told Reuters.

One reporter wrote that Rourke brought Loki with him to a press interview at the Chateau Marmont and asked the waitress (nicely) for a little bowl of water for his dog. According to another report by contactmusic.com, Rourke's pet Chihuahua, Beau Jack, passed away in 2002. Rourke is quoted as saying, "I gave him mouth-to-mouth for 45 minutes before they peeled me off. Depressed? He died at my home, and I didn't go back for two weeks."

Loki is the daughter of Beau Jack. Rourke now owns seven chihuahuas.

Rourke has been quoted as saying about Loki:

She’s like a giant Xanax, you know? I’m not going to get religious on your ass, but I truly believe God created dogs for a cause. They are the greatest companions a man could ever have.

Yes, we do know, Mickey. Congratulations on your win.


Anonymous said...

The unconditional love of an animal is a power thing - I get the sense that Mickey Rourke has had some very tough times in his life. And it makes me happy to hear that in his darkest hours, little friends were looking up at him and encouraging him to keep fighting.

-Bill the Lizard.

Anonymous said...

here i thought Mickey Rourke would never show up in public again, and there he was, winning big at the Golden Globes