Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gordon Gartrelle says: Should I feel bad for not caring about going to the Inauguration?

I’ve spoken to a bunch of respectable negroes who attended Obama’s inauguration. Every one of them told me how magical and special the events were.

The freezing cold, the crowds, the inflated prices.

I don’t get it. What did January 20th offer that November 4th didn’t?

Was it that important to see him sworn in in person?

Was it as an article on The Root stated, that the Inauguration was the “intellectual freaknik” (just quoting that makes me feel stupid)?

Now, I was at Grant Park on November 4th, so perhaps I am only saying this because I got my “I was there” fix.

Please help me understand.


Anonymous said...


If you have to ask? You won't understand. But, okay. I'm too grown to explain it to another grown person. Perhaps another reader of excessive patience shall.

And that phraseology on The Root? Thanks for reminding me why I dropped off that site a minute ago.

Al From Bay Shore said...

Indifference towards attending the inauguration is perfectly okay. You sound like a New Yorker who stays in on New Year's instead of going to Times' Square. In fact, this is why I didn't go - cold, crowds, difficult to move around. No thanks. Besides, I already attended my "black people history making event in Washington, DC" - The Million Man March. I liked that and, like the first and only time I went to Time's Square, once was enough.

Here is something else, when was the last time you sat and watched a Presidential inauguration? Probably never, except for a few scenes and soundbites on the evening news. My point is that it was probably difficult to generate interest in something that is the target of a general indifference, even if the person in question is a Black person, who is a democrat, being sworn in as president.

That democrat part is important. I dare anyone to make a case that that an inauguration of a black republican president would warrant the same depiction as "a history making event." Maybe but you probably won't have as many black folks attending as the Obama inauguration... but that's another story altogether.

Annette C said...

I attended--I took the day off to stay in my warm house and watch everything possible on television!! One word kept me away: COLD!! I would have attended in person but cannot be in the cold. Let's change the date next time and inaugurate him in May!!

Anonymous said...

Wow; did I stumble onto a "Black whack" blog??! Are you people KIDDING??! Glad your ancestors didn't have the pampered, frail sensibilities and constitutions of their progeny. Damn. Ya'll are WEAK.

gordon gartrelle said...

Glad you stopped by, Anonymous. I hope you stick around and give us a chance, but please step up your reading comprehension.

Sed deSaber said...

I am not mad at you! As I shared with many of my peers, I was glad that I didn't have a ticket to the inauguration because then I would have felt obligated to go. If I had a ticket, I would have been there but you couldn't convince me to stand in the cold and watch the ceremonies on a screen. While there is no doubt that the excitement was palpable, I was pretty indifferent about trekking to D.C. just to stand with a bunch of other folk when the first Black man was sworn in to office. Even if the weather was more forgiving, I still don't think that I would have gone without a ticket. There were so many people there doing the samething that I was doing, watching the pomp and circumstance on T.V. The main difference between us was that I was a bit more comfortable viewing from the confines of my home. LOL at the thought of freezing my butt off to watch the man on the telly!