Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Desperate for Five Minutes of Fame: Sober House meets Tiny "Deebo" Lister aka Zeus!

I love me some Sober House...or any other reality show where we can watch these most sad, B-List celebrities suckle at the teets of television for five more minutes of fame.

But, what is Zeus doing on Sober House? He is one of my idols and I am utterly disappointed! Deebo, the black Godzilla, Hulk Hogan's rival from the art house classic, No Holds Barred, is slumming on Sober House. Say it ain't so!

At least we will still have our innocent and precious memories of the No Hold Barred music video:

And we can also take comfort in knowing that the savage beast that is Tiny "Deebo" Lister can be soothed by the firey, flame broiled goodness that is Burger King:


Anonymous said...

I saw him, too. He was DISGUSTING. He was trying to intimidate a woman with his size, voice, threats, and presence (as in moving into her face and personal space). I never was a fan; however, I wasn't anti, either. I am now absolute one who cannot stand him. Beeyotch bully.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah. So now whatever dramatic tension VH1 can squeeze from this idiotic premise now makes people 'bad'.

Get over it, he was playing his role. To call that bullying is...a bit overwrought.

The Author said...

But did anyone notice the coded camera shot that clearly articulated blackness. The “housemother” says, "before I knew it, these thugs were in my face!" Camera focuses in on Tiny, then we see Rodney King in the frame. We all clearly saw Tiny walk in with a group of white males, yet these "thugs" she speaks of are framed in shots of Tiny and Rodney, one of the residents. This does not excuse Tiny’s behavior towards her, especially as a woman. However, she was rude in how she handled the situation. Yet the point remains, African Americans remain coded in camera shots that incite fallacious representations.