Thursday, December 4, 2008

Behold Our Patron Saint: The Truth is Now Known--Ol' Dirty Bastard's Biography Now Available for All Disciples of Shaolin

The late, great Wu-Tang clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard was a genius. He is also one of this site's patron saints (see my first post written for this blog). Now, he is the subject of a new book. I am excited because Dirt Dog/Big Baby Jesus/O.D.B. is most deserving of this honor. I am emboldened because if Ol' Dirty merits a book, I certainly am inspired to finish mine.

As a primer, let's take a walk down memory lane with the always inspiring, inspirational, and wondrous mind and personality that was Russell Jones (of note: NPR had a feature on Wu-Tang and an upcoming documentary on their origins, rise, and fall that can be found here) .

Random thought: doesn't Ol'Dirty sound a bit like Noam Chomsky mixed with Foucault, Homi Bhaba, and Slavoj Zizek?

Ol' Dirty Bastard cashing his welfare check while being interviewed by MTV (this was back when MTV actually showed music videos):

Old Dirty, drunk, high, and sharing his musings on life , the origins of hip hop culture, and the nature of the universe while on Yo! MTV Raps:

Wu-Tang is for the children!

Ol' Dirty Bastard on lovemaking and peppermint patties:

R.I.P. Old Dirty...


Anonymous said...

i'm not positive but i'm pretty sure this book is not official and dirty's fam is pretty pissed at the author for some suspect aspects of their story. the rap blogs mentioned it a little a couple weeks ago.

boukman70 said...

Oh, I'm so glad I came across your little bit of BBJ love. It made my day. Publicly, Meth is my favorite Wu, but, in the privacy of my own home (and please don't take away my Feminist Card for saying this), I always return to the ODB albums. They're my favorite of the solo projects, and I think that last Wu album sorely missed his spit.

Anonymous said...

i am a 13 year old african american girl. i would like to say that you are obviously NOT "respectable negroes" because any self-respecting african american would NOT refer to his/her self as a "negro". i personally think that our page is absurd, blasphemous,and a joke. i hope you don't take your posts seriously.