Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zora Says: YES!! OBAMA Wins!!!

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep ... But we will get there!"

Call me soft, but I'm actually crying. Throughout this entire campaign, I've been trying not to want this too much. I feared the disappointment. I hid my true emotions behind sarcasm and scholarship. At this point, I'm letting it all out.

I'm hopeful in a way that I have never been before. I don't expect the impossible, for there is a lot to repair in this country -- too much for Obama to do alone, too much to do in one term. But, we have broken a barrier. We have!

I'm thinking about all of those folks who could have never imagined this just four short years ago. I'm thinking about what my children might be able to witness.

On this night, I will allow myself to be soft and emotional. I will allow myself a few tears of joy. I will allow myself to offer up a few "daps" to the brothers in the street. Tomorrow, I'll get back to my cynical, sarcastic self. But tonight, I am happy and proud.


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Lisa said...

Don't go back to cynicism because you'll leave too many of us standing alone. Can black Americans possibly imagine the happiness this brings to white Americans who have long given up the hope that our country could be unified? Can you understand the tears my husband and I cried and the disbelief we first felt when we realized it had really happened? There's some intellectual part of me that knows it's not the same, but please believe there's an emotional component after a lifetime of...what we've had that makes it the same. We've been drinking champagne and wondering if this is still the Bush and Cheyney America and wow, it's not. I want to stay in this state of idealism for as long as I can. Maybe that will only be until morning, but as of right now, America is a different place. It's a beautiful place.