Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Didn't Think We Forgot Did You?-- Ralph Nader Asks, Will Obama Be Uncle Tom or Uncle Sam?

Not to belabor the obvious, but it must be said that I do in fact love the insincere shock and offense demonstrated by Fox News at a black man being called an "Uncle Tom." Given their trafficking in race baiting, it is great to see Conservatives and their mouthpieces feign any sort of concern about racism.

But damn! Nader doesn't pull any punches does he? For the record, I do think that his concern is a fair and reasonable one--but let's bask in the afterglow for a little while before we get too critical. Nader's move reminds me of a woman who after some great, stink up the room, burn down a few inscents (sandalwood of course) to the nub, R. Kelly/D'Angelo/Sade playing in the background lovemaking asks either, "What does this mean?" or "Are we in a relationship?"

Talk about a mood killer. Let's just lay together, legs intertwined, and enjoying the pheromones of the love musk before we start having a conversation about "serious" business. Remember folks, be careful because as Sister Alexyss Tylor says, Obamamania will make you slap somebody:

But, as we lay spent of our political energies, our root chakras now drained by the Obamamania which we have experienced, we cannot forget the concerns raised by Brother West regarding the challenge faced by Barack Obama in balancing practical politics with a commitment to change:

Okay, I am going back to laying in bed and stinking up the room in the afterglow of my Obamamania...


Unknown said...

Nader's comment seemed to be directed toward this question: Will Obama go up against the white male corporate power structure? What do you all think?

Unknown said...

I think that it's interesting to see the assumption that conservatives are racist - given that there are political and social conservatives of many races and creeds.

The problem is that so many times, secondary sources are considered instead of primary sources. It's much more valuable to examine what conservatives themselves say, than what the mainstream media portrays.

Liberal illuminati have painted conservatives as either out of touch old white guys, or backwoods redneck hicks.

Surely intelligence is not limited to one political persuasion?

macon d said...

Bad play on words there by Ralph. What would he call a white person in that context? FOX is running out of oxygen. Ralph didn't say Obama IS one, but that it's one of his choices. Anyway, I appreciate Ralph's points and wish they could get more media-scape.

Great post, and thanks especially for the C West clip, very good to see that again. Is what he's saying all that different from what Ralph is saying?