Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Laughs: Behold the Great Richard Bey Show

On a day that is heavy with the tragic news of terrorist attacks in India, we all need a good laugh. Random thought: in looking at the still photos of some of the terrorists that have been shown on CNN, am I the only one who thought some of them looked European? There were rumors of Al-Qaeda spreading to the caucuses, could these terrorists include volunteers from Chechnya?

I am a connoisseur of trash television. Richard Bey, was one of the best television hosts of the 1990's. He was extremely smart, self-aware, and was "Maury Povich" before Maury Povich, that P.T. Barnum of fat babies and baby daddies, figured out his now winning formula for ever watchable daytime television. Richard Bey was also a bit crazy and paranoid as he would later argue that an elaborate conspiracy backed by the Clintons was responsible for the demise of his television show. If I get the money together one day, I will make a Confessions of a Dangerous Mind inspired docudrama about Richard Bey as he certainly deserves one.

Here are some choice clips.

The legendary Mr. Puniverse and Miss Thunderthighs competition:

I was used for sex! Damn, I wish someone would use me...over, and over, and over again:

Ohh, those long fingernails:

And those ginormous tig bitties (I love that phrase by the way):

And of course the wheel of torture:

Now, I can smile and relax.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing like hearing potentially life-altering news from the cookie lady LOL and I'm still waiting for my batch of BC-chip cookies! mmmm... can't wait to sink my teeth into some warm, gooey, contraceptives...HA!