Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Are Black Militants Going to do if Barack Omama Becomes President? An Exclusive Interview with Brother X-Squared

In keeping with our tradition of bringing you exclusive news exposes such as our penetrating interview with Jesse Jackson, and our groundbreaking series, White in America, the We are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to present an exclusive interview with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As the election approaches, there has been a renewed focus on the role of black leaders in post-Civil Rights era black politics. While black politicians, academics, and other elites have been the focus of these conversations regarding the end of Black Politics, other important voices have been silenced. Black America has always had a strong revolutionary consciousness. In an effort to include all voices in the moments leading up to the likely election of America's first black president, we have invited a black radical leader to share his thoughts. In this interview, Brother X Squared shares his thoughts on black politics in the age of Obama, his organization's plans for an Obama presidency, and some worries regarding the state of Black America.

WARNNN: Brother X-Squared, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Brother X-Squared: Peace be to you brother Chauncey.

WARNNN: Before we begin, how would you prefer to be addressed? X? Brother Squared? And please share with our readers the genesis of your name? I know this is important for many Black revolutionary leaders...

Brother X-Squared: Thank you for the respect. Most of the Uncle Tom lap dogs for the MSM, that is mainstream media for those of you whose brains are damaged from watching BET and listening to Souljah Boy, Lil Wayne, and those other jigging coons, or reading that ghetto lit...that is what your most high new Black African queen Zora called it the other day--and yes, I read your site because I stay on top of these Internets--wouldn't think to ask. You see, my name symbolizes loss and pain and the many millions, yes hundreds of millions, lost because of global white supremacy. While the all honorable Malcolm X took only one X, our pain and loss have been so multiplied by globalization that I have taken his loss and squared it. You get me? Instead of 2 we have 4. Instead of 4 we have 16. Instead of 9 we have 81. Is your mental state keeping up with mathematical and spiritual wisdom?

WARNNN: Yes, I think I understand. What is your actual position in the Renewed Black Panther Party?

Brother X-Squared: I am the leader of the organization. We are a democracy but also a plutocracy because every radical organization has to be decentralized yet have a strong leader. We learned from the Cointel program when those white racist dogs in the FBI and CIA and the local gestapos were killing our strong black leaders that you had to be decentralized. We are a hydra, I am but one head of this strong new Black America. My actual title is King High First Leader Primary Teacher Brother X-Squared.

WARNNN: How do you feel about the imminent election of Barack Obama? Are you excited? Is this the fulfillment of the Black freedom struggle?

Brother X-Squared: High fructose corn syrup. You see it is toxic, poisonous, and in everything you eat.

WARNNN: I am confused...

Brother X-Squared: Of course you are. You would have to be confused, just like all these other confused negroes in America to believe that Barack Obama would win the presidential race. And to think that if he wins, that Obama, the halfrican, half-white devil that he is, would support real black people. They got your mind twisted from the poison they feed you Brother Chauncey. That is why I am a vegetarian, no poison goes into my strong black temple.

WARNN: Please elaborate, what exactly do you think an Obama victory symbolizes? Is it progress?

Brother X-Squared: It is progress for the white man and the slave catchers and uncle toms which he allows to sit at his feet. You see there is a concept, it is real deep, so I will speak slowly. The concept is called hegemony. Hegemony, and man this is deep because it explains so much, is when the powerful are so in control that you the victim reproduce the conditions of your own enslavement. You can't even think of an alternative because the system has you. It is like an elephant that is chained up at the circus. You see elephants, those great African beasts are wise and strong and unfortunately too trusting. The white devils take these elephants and brainwash them to the point that the poor elephant doesn't even know that he isn't chained anymore. The elephant simply obeys his white master. And you know what happens when the elephant wakes up and realizes he isn't chained anymore? Do you know Brother Chauncey?

WARNNN: No, I don't.

Brother X-Squared: He goes on a rampage and kills his oppressors. Watch when an elephant has freed his mind, he goes right after those devils who were torturing him and he kills them. That is exactly what will happen once the brainwashed black man wakes up in America, and that is why white people are throwing you that bone, that Barack Obama, to keep you content and happy and to think that there is progress in America. This is just like the Matrix, hegemony has you and you want to continue to serve the white man's system. Just like my wise grandma used to say you all have been hoodwinked, you have let the man pull that nigger cotton over your eyes.

WARNNN: Nigger cotton? You mean the material that was used to make clothes for slaves? Don't you think that is a little harsh Brother X-Squared?

Brother X-Squared: The truth hurts.

WARNNN: What do you think of Barack Obama as a man?

Brother X-Squared: A man? Please, he is half-white. He is a mongrel. Consider, they couldn't even give you a real black American man, a full blooded black king to be president. They found the whitest black man they could and put him up there for you black fools, and those dumb white liberals to rally around. In fact, Brother Chauncey, did you know that Obama is a non-person, he is a zero, a nothing?

WARNNN: Now I am just lost.

Brother X-Squared: Of course you are, when you wake up it is scary and your mental state needs to adjust to the knowledge I am sharing. Most Americans, even the white ones, are mental slaves. Just like in Plato's Republic you all be looking at shadows and images and thinking you see the real thing. You need to join our movement, the Renewed Black Panthers to see the actual truth. Now, back to my original point. Obama is a nothing because, and this is deep, we have energy centers in our bodies that need to be in alignment with the universe. We manifest the temperaments of our environment. This is like DNA. White people are ice people. They are from cold, primitive, Europe. At their hearts they are savage cave dwellers thus the name Caucasian which is related to Caucuses. These ice people had nothing until they stole it from Africa and the Moors. Africans are fire or Sun people. See our beautiful skin and bronzed features. We are noble and beautiful. Obama is both fire and ice thus he is nothing. His energies are zero. This explains why white people find him acceptable. He doesn't threaten them. This also explains why white people, those psychic vampires, want to suck out his energy. Just like Obama girl, and all those white people at his rallies they are attracted to his fire energy. Damn this is deep, that also explains why they chose Sarah Palin...that ice queen from Alaska. White supremacy is operating right in front of you and you don't even see it. Obama is actually more ice than fire because he was inside of a white woman, his momma for 9 months after that Mandingo, sell out race mixing African father diluted his genes and got that woman pregnant, so Obama is really more white than black, but that is some real deep metaphysics you ain't ready for.

WARNNN: That is profound. But they are losing, the Republicans are losing, what does that say for your theory?

Brother X-Squared: It proves it. Either way you dumb negroes are cooked. Come next Wednesday it will be business as usual. Obama doesn't even support reparations and you dumb jiggin coons still support him--so many of our people are just lawn jockeys, living breathing 21st century slaves for the white man. Again, they got the wool pulled over your eyes Black people.

WARNNN: Wow, Brother X-Squared that was a memorable interview. Can we count on talking to you in the future?

Brother X-Squared: Absolutely, stay strong in the struggle. Remember, the Renewed Black Panther Party is fighting for all of you mentally imprisoned neo-slaves, and we will never stop trying to free you.


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^^uhh yeah, what he said.

Anonymous said...

He reminds of this cat that used to preach in front of Lexington Market in Baltimore. He'd degrade you and educate you all at the same time.

8thlight said...


uh . . . um . . . yeah:

You have an award to pick up:

But, in regards to the interview . . . *blink*

WhitneyRaye said...

..oh my!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

great interview but we can never be BOO lol (i scared u huh) admit it
happy friday jones

will u be ther in the am?

Anonymous said...

Indeed....US has a puppet government being taken over by the Resurrection of the Roman Nation (UN), Obama ain't gonna change anything for black people, just black people may change their attitudes toward the government, with that more people accept their conditions & then the, join the 9-5 rat race & then the slave trade grows.

same people enslaving blacks 300yrs ago, raised children, whom in turn raised children etc, those same people who founded US (free masonry fuckers from Europe / Jewish Germany) have seeds running things today.

Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Terminator in charge of Cali was the grandson of a Nazi (commanding) officer, Bush who can't speak, read or write, ex drunk the son of a man who introduced fluoride to the US water system to control blacks (no conspiracy all documented).....Check the US government building shaped in the form of the NAZI symbol, coincidence (one thinks not)

This man talks sense but is filled with ignorance, Black people haven't been beautiful Kosher human beings since time began, Years ago before the Europeans, when Africa was, Ghana a Powerful kingdom (real powerful huge armies), they were amongst the biggest tradesmen around selling salt, Gold & other minerals. they enslaved their own people, some of the people were starving & they dressed their own dogs in Gold, dressed goats & cows in gold etc. (read)

if you want ya mind back read, if you can't read, learn. if you don't want to watch videos.

And importantly embrace nothing & argue everything....then come to your own conclusions, the difference between martin, malcolm, marcus, ghandi, huey newton, Kennedy (JFK) & every man who stakes a claim is their willing to do.

Die for sumthin....Live for the maths, choice is yours.

Forget this White Devil bullshit, the good book tells you to forgive...I ain't religious but I believe. Forgive u don't need to forget. (Arabs evolved the slave trade, white people cottoned on, infact the structure of today's society derives from African economics)

To many good white folks out there, colour has been made an issue, we don't need to add to the tonic, withdraw colour & see the biggest picture.

We're all enslaved in this chicken farm, power is with the people, if we all took a stand (black, red, white, green, yellow whatever) we could be living in harmony.

Stay Focused, Free yourself from stress, lose the attitude & treat your body, mind & soul as a temple - Breathe

gordon gartrelle said...


Ya'll realize that this is a parody, don't you?

Kirk Davis said...

Wow. I'm just saddened to find anyone who thinks that way (unless it was actually a parody, like commenter gordon gartrelle said).

Obama's election was always going to be more symbolic than a true "huge change" in the American government (President's don't really have that much power, actually).

But the bit about white people being ice-people, and black people being sun-people? We all got the same DNA, 99.8% identical, and no matter what color your skin is, our great-great-to-the-20th grandparents were all brothers and sisters.

Dyezan said...

Like your words Kirk, just wish all were so enlightened. As they are not we must take steps in our defense against those who would seek us harm.