Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chauncey DeVega's World of Ghetto Nerds: Why Do Space Aliens Only Kidnap White People?--The British Open Their Secret UFO Files

The Brits have finally come clean. It seems that the British government has decided to open their secret UFO files. These files are a treasure trove of information. They contain stories of UFO's the size of Aircraft Carriers terrorizing British airspace, landings near military bases, and abductions of British citizens. Now, as a ghetto nerd I certainly believe in extra-terrestrial life. One would have to be a an overly religious, Luddite, mouth breather who doesn't believe in evolution to not concede the obvious. Random thought: I really have never understood how religion cannot include space aliens as God's creations (I think there are several beliefs systems outside of the Judeo-Christian which do have that expansive view), but that is a conversation for another time.

But, while I believe in aliens, I am unsure if they have ever visited Earth. As I often say, why would they? We are a planet located in the equivalent of a galactic trailer park. Unless they are slumming, we are likely far away from the inter-galactic equivalent of I-95. But, I have always wondered where are the black and brown folk who have been kidnapped by aliens? Why don't we get some love?

Interestingly, one of the first documented cases of alien abduction was that of an interracial couple, Betty and Barney Hill in the White Mountains near Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1961. This was a widely discussed and documented case that attracted much media attention. It was also one of the first cases where repressed memories were recovered through hypnosis. Funny thing, the Hills weren't taken too seriously at the time because they were an inter-racial couple, and of course, you have to be crazy to marry across the race line. Moreover, the aliens--the grays as they would come to be called in the ufology community--wanted Mr. Hill's sperm so this hurt his credibility a bit. Damn it, why do those aliens come all that distance to collect semen and put things in people's behinds? Perverts.

Random thought: when black folks are featured in these shows, why do they announce to the world that they had hot, alien sex? Are we that irresistible?

I know the aliens, if they have perfected free energy and can travel between the stars, must certainly have evolved beyond petty colorism and race prejudice. Perhaps, we respectable negroes can start a support group for people of color who have been abducted by aliens or have seen ufo's? We are a galactic people by nature, so perhaps our alien brothers will eventually come back to Earth in order to claim us?

As a primer for potential members of our Respectable Negro Alien Abductee and Visitation Support Group, I offer the following useful videos:

1. Betty and Barney Hill describe their abduction by extraterrestrials:

2. Betty and Barney Hill under hypnosis:

2. Noted physicist, Michio Kaku discusses how governments would respond if ET were to visit the Earth:

3. Riley Martin on Jerry Springer--simply classic:

4.Riley Martin discussing his 72 hour love making session, courtesy of alien Viagra, with the Biavians:

5. An unforgettable episode of the Art Bell show which featured a phone call from Area 51:

Come out of the closet my brothers and sisters. I know I am not alone. In fact, I actually saw a UFO in 1995 near New Britain, Connecticut and have never been the same since that fateful evening...maybe they touched me psychically. Come clean my friends. Share your stories and experiences. You are safe here.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a UFO but I do believe in other life forms. I always have.

Recently, about six weeks ago, I had a vision in one of those liminal states between consciousness and sleep - actually it seemed like several minutes - where some kind of presence explained to me that our physical manifestations have a counterpart in a psychic realm. What I saw in my mind's eye was our Earth surrounded by a kind of web of strands- We coexist to supply to each other that which we can't get alone. Our embodied consciousness supplies a kind of nutrient for them, while their disembodied consciousness supplies us with love and the desire for knowledge. Or something like that. The presence explained that they are amazed and saddened when humans don't understand that the most amazing things we can do - explore and learn - aren't a priority for most humans. It/they also said that our emotions are like nectar for them, but fear and anxiety taste like vinegar.

It was very careful to explain to me that all the words and images it used to explain things to me were filtered through my experiences and language, so everything was really just an approximation and not literal.

They/it also told me that there's a rather nasty disease in the corporeal world - the Earth, I suppose - but it can be healed.

Well, you asked for it. I've only told two friends before, but what the heck. It's only the internet, right?

Full disclosure, I had had a colonoscopy the day before (all good, just a routine checkup) and I think I still had in my system a teensy bit of whatever drug they give you to make you relax. I was fully functional - working, driving, taking care of my kids and feeling totally lucid - but I think it loosened something up so I could hear this message. Maybe it loosened a screw. I'm willing to believe that too.

But you didn't tell us about your sighting. Do tell.

Cheri said...

Hi Chauncey,

Thanks for sharing this. Although Although I have never seen a UFO or been abducted by an alien, I don't doubt the possibility of the existence of such things.

I actually find the topic very fascinating, so I suppose my full disclosure related to this would be that I have done extensive research on the reportings of these events to satisfy this curiosity. I've read and watched lectures on everything from Planet X to the existence of the underground bases around the country.

that said, I'd be very interested in the European disclosure.

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic! I once had a dream I was abducted, taken up into mid-air, ejected from the saucer, and slammed onto the concrete in front of one of my childhood homes. I woke up unscaved, and realized I had just experienced one of my first (and worst) lucid dreams. The dream could have resulted from my paranoia, sleep deprivation, and maybe depression. Either way, those ET's weren't feelin' me, and I'd like to believe I'm at least in the middle of the irresistibility spectrum lol

I always have to fight the temptation to diminish the validity of said experiences; it seems that my reading about pineal glands and partial states of consciousness have erected quite the wall of cynicism, causing me to take some accounts with an unhealthy degree of non-serious skepticism.

While black folks' caliber of irresistibility is debatable, the possibility that some have had sincere experiences with extraterrestrial life is still very real. The lack of forth-comings by brown folks may be due to the fact that some have decided to tuck these happenings away in their sack of traumatic events; hoping to forget it all, and the hot alien sex that may have ensued...