Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chauncey DeVega says: Now That is Respectable Negro Behavior--Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

(CNN) -- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced Sunday that he will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama, citing the Democrat's "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign."

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says he is voting for Barack Obama.

"I think he is a transformational figure, he is a new generation coming onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason I'll be voting for Sen. Barack Obama," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Powell said he was concerned about what he characterized as a recent negative turn of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain's campaign, such as the campaign's attempts to tie Obama to former 1960s radical Bill Ayers.

"I think that's inappropriate. I understand what politics is about -- I know how you can go after one another, and that's good. But I think this goes too far, and I think it has made the McCain campaign look a little narrow. It's not what the American people are looking for," he said.

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It is a good Sunday isn't it?

Music is about feelings and energy. Sometimes what a song says is different from how it captures a particular mood. Right now, in my twisted ghetto nerd mind where neural pathways sometimes connect in strange and unexpected ways, my mental Ipod is blasting these songs, and two moments of random popular culture bliss, when I think about the Obama-Powell connection:

For some reason, as I think about Obama's run for the White House I think of the King--that greatest of kings the Burger King--And yes, I know I have issues:

Obama is about to put McCain to sleep:

Shook Ones, because it just feels right:

Together, the smell of success:

Blowback or how Bush and Company played themselves in their treatment of Colin Powell:

Let's get it on, 'nuff said:

I feel like you can't stop the prophet:

I don't know what the personal cost to Colin Powell will be for this endorsement, but this moment rings of Obi-Wan passing the torch (literally and figuratively) to young Luke Skywalker:

Today is a good day, is it not?

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