Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin: American Hero, Leader, and Visionary

In watching the Republican National Convention, I realized how great Sarah Palin is. Gordon and Zora are wrong, dead wrong on this one: Sarah is a great American. The audience in attendance at the RNC convention, with their energy and excitement have won this respectable negro over to the cause of this greatest and most wonderful of vice presidential candidates. Yes, there is a bit of nostalgia for Sarah Palin in this negro's heart. Yes, she reminds me of the great heroines of days gone by, women who are rare in an era of triumphant political correctness. You Sarah have won my heart because you are a living reminder of the way that women should be--standing by your man and having his back in a bar fight...or even a wrestling ring.

Enter: Sarah Palin, the GOP's very own Sally the Farmer's Daughter. Sarah, this old country negro is officially smitten by you.


Zora said...


Didn't you just charge Cowboy Troy with "Black Lap Dogging?"


Werner Herzog's Bear said...

Slow down there Chauncy. As a survivor of a rural Nebraska upbringing I certainly appreciate loud, tough, take no shit country ladies. (They are pretty much the only kind of women in my family.) Palin is a fake. Listening to her talk I get flashbacks to the girls who ruled my high school: petty, controlling, and maddeningly narrow minded. Give me Molly Ivins or Ann Richards intead, may they rest in peace.

macon d said...

Ha! Exactly, good post.

WHB, I see your point, but I don't think Palin's persona is any more authentic than those of these "professional" wrestlers. Like you, I can see her inner Tracy, flickering away under that soccer-mom facade.