Thursday, September 18, 2008

Euphemisms for Naming White Folk Contest: the Tally So Far

The contest is heating up it seems! So far we have the following euphemisms for saying "White" or signaling "Whiteness" without speaking the word which cannot be named. I will add one more myself, "Good hard-working people." So far we have:

1. Values voter
2. Heartland
3. Mainstream voter
4. Hard-working Americans
5. Lunch pail voters
6. Soccer moms
7. Walmart Moms
8. Nascar Dads
9. Blue collar
10. Regular Americans
11. Real Americans
12. The Base
13. Culture War voters
15. Palin's Army
16. Joe Six Pack
17. Joe Lunch Pail
18. Hockey Mom/Hockey moms
19. American Workers
20. Work Force
21. Regular Folks
22. Ma and Pa Kettle
23. My (or your) neighbors
24. Average American Voter
25. Rural Voters
26. Non-elitists
27. My accountant
28. Small Town Voters
29. The Woman Vote
30. Middle America
31. Americans
32. American People
33. Good hard-working people

I initially thought the over under would be 40/ it creeps up there I am thinking 50's or 60's. Keep the names coming!


macon d said...

Excellent idea to lay these out like this. Us white folks get to be all sorts of folks!

I was going to add "Middle America," but you got it covered.

There's "working-class voter," since the ONLY working class is (supposedly) the white one.

Also, "the NASCAR vote." And the "latte-sipping liberal." I'll try to think of more.

annum natalem said...

Midwestern Voters (because no negro ever ventured past the Mississippi)
Suburban Voters (because there's no such thing as black people in the suburbs)
White Collar Voters (ooh, so close to just saying it)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your efforts but every word they use means white except for when they say black.

You see, we are only our race. We aren't mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, workers, neighbors, Americans, business owners, socccer moms, and for damn sure we aren't Nascar dads.

We are only black and we don't count because 90% of us (or more) are supporting Obama

Mr. Shrimp said...

Anonymous makes an excellent point. But this idea is funny, so let's add "Main Street" to the list of euphemisms for the horribly oppressed white people of the USA.

Of course, "Wall Street" could stand for the horribly oppressive white people of the USA, so... Anonymous, you are right on.