Friday, September 19, 2008

Euphemisms for Naming White Folk: Update 2

Now at 40 names! Can we get to 60? Do any of you sense a collective release by America's racial id as we name that which cannot be named? Is our therapy working at all?

1. Values voter
2. Heartland
3. Mainstream voter
4. Hard-working Americans
5. Lunch pail voters
6. Soccer moms
7. Walmart Moms
8. Nascar Dads
9. Blue collar
10. Regular Americans
11. Real Americans
12. The Base
13. Culture War voters
15. Palin's Army
16. Joe Six Pack
17. Joe Lunch Pail
18. Hockey Mom/Hockey moms
19. American Workers
20. Work Force
21. Regular Folks
22. Ma and Pa Kettle
23. My (or your) neighbors
24. Average American Voter
25. Rural Voters
26. Non-elitists
27. My accountant
28. Small Town Voters
29. The Woman Vote
30. Middle America
31. Americans
32. American People
33. Good hard-working people
34. Working Class voter
35. The Nascar Vote
36. Midwestern Voters
37. Suburban Voters
38. White Collar Voters
39. Main Street
40. Wall Street


Anonymous said...

"New Englanders"

macon d said...

Yup. "Southerners" too, as in "The Southern Vote." And "All-American girls." "Golf pro." "Tennis coach." "That guy who bowled a 300 last week."

Cyril Crozier said...

I agree, all of these terms furtively refer to various permutations of white America, particularly those that are probably going to vote for McCain. Good catch with "the woman vote," which is almost always a reference to white women.

What you are touching upon is the true genius of Christian Lander's "Stuff White People Like." In avoiding a more direct denotation such as "white liberal" or "hipsters" the satire really grows teeth; that this is an account of a priveleged segment of society, the economic and cultural winners of postindustrial/informational capitalism in North America.

Unknown said...

Catholics has been used and overused.

To that end:

America's favorite Hockey Mom is affiliated with militia-style separatists

Unknown said...

And this on Culture Wars picking up steam

Dallas Penn said...

The latte voters

Dogwalking voters

The Recycling bloc

Orange said...

folks in the heartland

decent, hard-working people


God-fearing Americans

the people who want to have a beer with the sort of candidate who might like to have a beer with them

Undercover Black Man said...

Oh, we can do 60...

Reagan Democrats

"one of us"

Undercover Black Man said...

Oh, and how could I forget:


Vee (Scratch) said...

Do they know how obvious these phrases sound?!?