Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A World of Ghetto Nerds Tribute to Barack Obama's History Making Nomination as the Democratic Nominee for President!

Talk about an earlier post being rendered temporarily irrelevant by the tide of history. We will get serious at some point later on, but right now let's enjoy the moment. Brother Obama, the only presidential candidate that in my short life I (like a few in our fair city) have had 1 degree of separation from, here is some ghetto nerd, random goodness that goes out from us to you:

Obama is to Hillary as Han Solo is to Greedo:

Warm it up Bro'Bama:

Do it to death!!!!

We/You/I love music:

Love from Chi-town..even if it is from R. Kelly (but the art is greater than the man):

This is once in a lifetime--I hope not!

Are we free falling?

Maybe we just want to celebrate:

We've got to give it up to you:

Did you learn the rope-a-dope from Muhammed Ali?

But we are all gonna need some soul power for you to win:

Let's change it up because you have universal appeal--and rock is black music after for now we are thunderstruck:

Why not?

Freddy Mercury seems appropriate--at least for the moment:

One more, because we respectable negroes can't get enough of this song:

The professional wrestling smart mark version of the U2 song played before and after Obama's acceptance speech:

Today is a good day to be a proud American because sometimes we do better than we should, and certainly better than we deserve:

In true geek fashion, perhaps Barack Obama is our generation's Rodimus Prime?

Congrats Mr. and yes, I mean Mr. Barack Obama!!!!!!!

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