Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chauncey DeVega says: Barack Obama is Down with the 'Cos

Funny ain't it? Those voices of anger, upset, discord, and general dismay at my man the 'Cos seem to be silent and (un)critical of Obama's Father's Day speech where he demands that black men act like men and not like boys. Obama's call to action is compelling because it represents a simultaneous appreciation for the fact that while history, social structures, and racism impact the lives and life choices of black people, that we as people of color also have agency and free will. Consequently, the members of these communities are not excluded from the both consequences of, and burdens necessitated by, personal responsibility. Perhaps, the similarities in their messages aside, Obama's critique of black men simply does not reach the minimum threshold necessary for Cosby haters to engage him in battle.

How ironic, if Cosby was demonized because he dared to air the black community's dirty laundry, how much grander is both the attention given, and the stage afforded, to presidential candidate Barack Obama? Makes one think, does it not, about consistency of ethic and purpose, or perhaps a lack thereof, on the part of Cosby's critics?

While Cosby was attacked for "picking on the black poor," etc. etc. etc.--the extra emphasis signifies my dismay and disgust at how some critics attack Cosby while secretly agreeing with his message--Obama's speech will likely be heralded by these same critics as one more example of his presidential character, intellectual sharpness, and potential for real statesmanship and leadership.

Where are the haters? Where are the critics? Is Obama's criticism of those black men whom believe that parental responsibility ends and begins with ejaculation all that different from the warnings and challenges made by Billy Cosby? Where are those very public critics of Bill Cosby who while throwing stones at his proverbial glass house, themselves live a comfortable distance away from the crime, social dysfunction, and breakdown in morays common to underclass communities?

As Obama said, brothers need to step up. Brothers needs to act like men and not act like boys. As a public service, we respectable negroes are going to provide these wayward young ign't cum-droppers (that is Gordon's phrase not mine) with some role models for black fatherhood.

Example Number One
I am a man! (This is an inside joke for my smart mark, professional wrestling fans) Kamala as father figure, cultural critic, and Lothario:

Example Number Two
Black Town.Net--they need no introduction:

Example Number Three
Black men, yield and kneel to the wisdom of ATLAH:

Example Number Four
Enter Panthro, a brother, a strong black man, and the coolest of the Thundercats:

Example Number Five
The ultimate soul brother, the black male role model of role models, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader:

The only reason Vader has white kids is because in a moment of weakness, he decided to share his black love with a Caucasian temptress...they are black men's kryptonite after all:


gordon gartrelle said...


I just want to clarify something: I didn't invent "cum droppers"; I heard some Blacktown-esque brother use the term on a public access show and thought it was hilarious.

I prefer the catch-all term "degenerates" for all the backwards, ign'ant ass fools who treat responsibility and decency like the plague.

chaunceydevega said...

You need to own it Gordon--you did coin the phrase "cum droppers" and you should get the residuals. I actually prefer to emphasize the other side of the equation, i.e. the women who breed with these knuckleheads and man share should really be labeled as "cum dumpsters". Ouch, I love my moments of unrepentant misogyny...but again that is an overused word and often misapplied.

Anonymous said...

Myabe Mr. cosby wouldn't have had critics if he didn't bulls**t over his OWN comments! One minute he's saying he didn't want to let 'white people off the hook' WHAT?! Then has the nerve to say he was talking about ALL poor people nit just black people. Then he tries to justify excessive police force by saying what was he doing with a loaf of bread or pound cake really?!! Oscar Grant wasn't running down the street with a pound cake or loaf odf bread. Neither was Tynisha Miller/Sean Bell/Bernard Monroe/Kathryn Johnston/Eleanor Bumpers/Micheal Stewart. Mr. Cosby didn't address THAT gee wonder why.