Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It is Official, the White-Tee Movement has given Obama their Crucial Support

It is a hallmark week for the Obama campaign. First, Obama wins the majority of pledged super delegates. Then, and above all odds, he wins the support of that most crucial of voting blocks: the White-Tee wearing young ign'ts.

In the spirit of Dick Hebdidge's work, style is indeed "political":

And what is the cost of change?

Apparently, it is about 10 bucks...

If any of you, our respectable negro allies, have any similarly themed pictures or news items, please send them to us. Perhaps, we will offer an Obama inspired version of the show, What not to Wear.

Random thought, don't the crap rappers in the White-Tee video remind you of Rappin' Granny?

On second thought, Rappin' Granny's lyrics, use of metaphor, and overall flow are better than that of most minstrel hoppers. Ohh devoted respectable negroes, please join me in a collective sigh as I bemoan the current state of Hip Hop.


Unknown said...

The White Tee demographic is very important.

I so forgot about rappin' granny, the bicycle shorts and leg warmers are priceless.

Thembi Ford said...

Ive never seen rappin granny so I dont understand why on earth she's dressed like Aunt Jemima. I guess this is before we accpeted how many black grandmothers are only in their forties.