Wednesday, April 2, 2008

W is for White, White as in White History Month

We are suffering from a combination of Obama fatigue, and a bit of exhaustion from talking about all this black-race stuff...because black folk really do make us tired. Accordingly, we are inaugurating April as White History Month here at We are Respectable Negroes. On Wednesdays throughout the month we are going to feature great white people, great moments in white history, and great white inventions. Truthfully, we have always been sympathetic to arguments against Black History Month and all of the attention black folk get throughout the year can be a bit deafening. Thus, White History Month will serve as a corrective to Black History Month, and because white folk don't get enough shine throughout the year we black folk are giving White History Month a long month, a whole 30 days of attention and love (or 5 Wednesdays). Hopefully, this will help the self-esteem of white people, and provide an opportunity to celebrate their many, and often overlooked, contributions to America and the world.

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