Thursday, April 10, 2008

Object Lesson Number One: A White Black Person

In the spirit of White History Month, I have decided to provide examples of some White, black People that include the (in)famous, the commonplace, and the everyday. This is a respectable negro version of Batman's Rogues Gallery.

Black men who only date white women:

Larry Elder, in the spirit of his book, is "a stupid black man":

Thomas Sowell, who has an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Glass from the movie Unbreakable:

Uncle Clarence Thomas:

John McWhorter, now resident black expert on everything at the Manhattan Institute:

Black women who only date white men:

Good ol' reliable Shelby Steele:

Any more nominees?


Anonymous said...

is it just me or does Shelby Steele look like a black George Bush?

gordon gartrelle said...

It's not you.

And as much as I talk about him, I kinda like McWhorter. He's brilliant when he's talking about things he knows.

I can tell by their mannerisms that all of them were rejected by black women and clowned by black men. I'd put money on it.

T. said...

I never get how many black people are supportive of Bill Cosby's statements, yet villify Larry Elder, McWhorter, Steele and Sowell for saying the same things for years, except with facts and figures. They're all brilliant.

chaunceydevega said...

I certainly agree T--in some ways. McWhorter is a very smart man who is occasionally brilliant. His work on sociolinguistics is especially compelling. What is problematic however, and this is true for black conservatives more broadly, is that these "exceptional" negroes are made experts on everything. From my point of view it is an opportunity for so-called black people to profit from being the "lone voice of reason." As far as Elder, Sowell and the others, brilliant? I don't think so. Elder is especially middle tier and makes his money from pandering to whites and criticizing black people. Sowell is solid on his econ work, but again I think he gets a pass when he comments on subjects that are out of his expertise. Again, his work on race and politics is mid tier at best. Finally, and maybe we should do a post on this later on, my litmus test consists of a simple question: do these folks love their people? Frankly, I think most of these black White folks don't. Cosby is complicated because regardless of his moments of relative foolishness I don't think that one can argue that he doesn't love black people.