Thursday, March 13, 2008

One-fourth of teen girls (and half of black teen girls!) have this in their drawers; teen boys, R Kelly undaunted.

I’m sorry, this is just gross. Just once, I’d like for black people to not be atop the Raggedy Rankings.

And I’m sure many will blame the predatory, manipulative boys for infecting innocent girls, but if you’ve spent any time around teens, you’ll see that these girls want it just as much as the boys.

This is a failure of black parenting at every imaginable level—a failure to provide decent male role models so that girls won’t go looking for male love and acceptance in chubbies; a failure to provide strong female role models who don’t make a habit of letting random dudes run up in them raw dog; a failure to make kids realize the seriousness and permanence of some STDs and the importance of safe sex; a failure to instill character and independent thought so that kids don’t take their behavioral norms from mass media and their fucked up peers.

Young people are going to have sex—that’s a given. But they don’t have to turn this bitch into 12 Monkeys in the process.

How’s that for racial id, Chauncey?

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ZACK said...

I did a post today about this same topic. It's really sad.