Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Sex Face and Obama's Magical Hands

Just a quick thought...

We love being right here at We are Respectable Negroes. We are like negro Nostradamuses...we do in fact "see" the future and know all. So tell me, doesn't bro'Bama look like he is coming to lay hands on the true believers in this picture taken last week?

bro'Bama also looks like he is going to throw a fireball a la Ken or Ryu from the video game Street Fighter 2.

But this photo of ol'Hillary is even more disturbing:

Maybe this is ol'Hillary's war face?

Unfortunately, we now know what Hillary looks like at the moment of orgasm--I think she is a screamer. I must confess that the thought of Hillary at the moment of nervous release makes me feel dirty (yet oddly aroused).

Yes, more dirty than excited. I think I will go take a shower after getting a glimpse of ol'Hillary's sex face.

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Anonymous said...

Hill's sex face, more like a badger attacking its prey. I would rather castrate myself than face that in public.