Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Frightening Scenario: Barack Obama Assassinated! Part 4

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Portrait of an Assassin:
Preliminary Information comes to Light about Jonathan Fernandes Roybock
NewsWire Service
August 22, 2008

FBI, Secret Service, and Large State University police held a press conference today where a great deal of information, information which was until recently held in confidence regarding Jonathan Fernandes Roybock, was shared several hours ago.

According to officials, Jonathan Fernandes Roybock was a student at Large State University, where as earlier reported, he was a senior majoring in History and Philosophy. After a raid by FBI tactical teams on his campus apartment more information about this alleged shooter has become available. According to officers whom have seen his apartment, "this is very anti-climactic, he wasn't crazy or anything...he was just a very political and a well read young man, we can't describe how shocked we are that he seemed to be quite normal."

During the press conference, officials relayed how in Jonathan Fernandes Roybock's dorm there were many books, articles, and newspaper clippings in boxes and on bookshelves. In a very orderly fashion, Mr. Royback had apparently amassed a great deal of information about politics, history, and culture. He lived alone in a single dorm, and his neighbors reported that he was a bit quiet, but that nothing seemed out of the ordinary about him.

Among his books, and on his computer, officials reported that there were many conservative and libertarian texts and websites. Titles on his bookshelf included popular texts by Rush Limbaugh, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, and other popular conservative pundits and critics. Likewise, his computer included bookmarks of websites such as Fox News and the Weekly Standard. Also, among the files on his computer were conservative and right-wing videos culled from the popular website "YouTube." Analysts from the FBI and Secret Service are still analyzing these files.

Apparently, a diary was also found in his dorm room. Rumors are also circulating that Jonathan Fernandes Roybock wrote a letter explaining his actions that was left posted on the wall of the dorm room. When asked about this letter, officials at the press conference replied that they will share its contents later today once certain information has been confirmed, and precautions for the safety of Mr. Roybock's family have been reviewed. Of note, Jonathan Fernandes Roybock was known to be quite active in several conservative and right-wing student organizations including the Ayn Rand Society, the Objectivist Society, and Students for Academic Freedom.

Mr. Roybock's family has issued a statement where they have expressed their shock, dismay, grief, and pain at his actions. Mr. Roybock's family has reiterated President Bush's call for calm and for healing.

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Anonymous said...

History is very much known for repeating itself. I hope Obama doesn't get assassinated. Some people may not be able to visualize this scenario (let alone deal with it should it actually happen) while others (myself included) pray this tragedy doesn't come true for chaos would definitely follow.