Monday, March 24, 2008

A Frightening Scenario: Barack Obama Assassinated!

Following Obama's historic speech on race, I have been talking to many people in my circle of friends and family. What has struck me is how so many of them, unprompted, have said, "you know they are going to kill him now." I have heard this repeated in barbershops, airports, bars, and restaurants. Interestingly, while yes, many of the voices have been those of black people, many of my white respectable negro allies have hinted at much the same. It is ironic that these worries and concerns are often dismissed as the fear-mongering sentiments of paranoid, histrionic black people and conspiracy theorists.

It has always struck me how Americans, and black Americans in particular have every reason to be paranoid: how many "conspiracies" have later turned out to likely be true? How many radical American political thinkers have been struck down and killed under questionable circumstances? In this regard, the response of many white Americans to the Wright-Obama debacle hints at a deep disconnect between black and white Americans (see Tim Wise's excellent editorial) on the nature of American society. Many apparently don't get the most absurd conspiracy of them all, i.e. that millions of people could be transported across the ocean, kept in bondage, excluded from citizenship, subjected to racial terrorism and segregation, and still be claimed as (and be) loyal Americans. This is the cruelest joke of them all...and why black folk tend to have a deep appreciation for irony.

Our disclaimer: ultimately, and after much reflection we have decided to follow through on our own political "War of the Worlds". We pray this won't happen, but feel obligated to put it on "paper" and make "real" the scenario. The hateful vitriol spewed by the Right in these recent days has made it clear that Obama's safety could be endangered by a lone gunman or other misanthrope (fact: "assassinate Obama" is already one of the most popular google search terms, and many outlets and sites have started to cover the story.

Periodically throughout the week we are going to add new details to this story and follow it as though it actually occurred. How would people react? What would the country do? How would race relations be impacted? This series will be difficult to write and it actually causes much anxiety, but we feel it must be done.


Barack Obama Shot!
by staff reporter
NewsWire Service
August 20, 2008

This is a breaking news story.

During a rally at Large State University, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was shot while delivering a speech about his inevitable nomination as the Democratic Party presidential candidate and how his campaign had started a process of healing the country's racial wounds. Obama was hit five times in the chest and was immediately rushed via ambulance to a local hospital. The secret service quickly killed the gunman who had penetrated several layers of security, stood up in the middle of the crowd, and shot Obama at approximately the ten minute mark of his speech. This is a developing story and details are rapidly emerging.


Lordlokipv said...

I Really don't see that happening it way far fetch,,, this is not the 60s,
He is not Martin Luther King,, Mr King is and was a Great Man,,, Barack Obama is not even in the same League,
I Really don't see this happening,, I could say he is likely to get hit by Lightning,,
I don't Even support Obama, but I hope that never happens,, Kind of a dumb question,, to be bringing up.

We are American not a 3rd world country ,, We are better than that,
And like I also said this is not the 60s, Either,,,When I Talk to my friends I see my friend Not my black friend not my white friend,,Just my friend,, Obama supporter should learn that,,,

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

Just to play devil's advocate, in my experience the biggest conspiracies are out in the open for all to see. The slave trade was underwritten by insurance companies who were considered respectable businesses at the time. Today corporations who make campaign donations (that are open to the public) literally get to write the legislation that regulates them in return for their bribes i.e. "campaign contributions."

Ken said...

Satire or what if humor doesn't work when people are really emotionally invested. This is a fear many have -- so it doesn't work as humor and probably never will since the wound of Black leaders being assasinated is current (witness the 40th anniversary of King's assassination). Years ago, Richard Pryor did a funny send off of the First Black President. He's walking into a room,waving, "Hail to the Chief" is playing, and as he's heading to the podium -- POW! The end. Funny then since it was unthinkable a Black man would ever be in real consideration. But today, that same clip would be disturbing. I only responded since you noted people didn't. I'm suggesting why they didn't. Cause really what the hell can you say besides we hope it doesn't happen?