Monday, January 7, 2008

Respectable Negroes of the Week

Only One Negro Deserves Recognition This Week...

Obama Shows that Hope Can Carry Us A Long Way

With the New Hampshire primary a day away, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is edging out Hillary Clinton. A USA Today-Gallup poll taken over the weekend has her trailing Barack Obama by 13 points.

“For those of you who have already decided that you are voting for me, do not take this race for granted,” Mr. Obama told voters at a morning rally in New Hampshire. “I know we had a nice boost over the last couple of days, but elections are a funny business. You actually have to wait until people have voted and counted the votes before you know what’s happening.”

Advisers to Mrs. Clinton and former Senator John Edwards played down any effects from Mr. Obama’s victory in Iowa. But one prominent black supporter of Mr. Obama, Representative Artur Davis of Alabama, called this moment “a very precarious time for the Clinton campaign.”

For black elected officials who either stayed out of this race or have supported Senator Clinton, they’re in a very dicey position right now,” Mr. Davis said, “because their black constituents are about to move overwhelmingly toward Barack Obama.” Outright defections may be unlikely, he said, but he predicted some black Clinton supporters would become “magically unavailable when the Clinton campaign calls them.”

.. and one Negro Deserves an Honorable Mention

Gordon Gartrelle Backs Down
in the Face of Strong Black Women

Our own Gordon Gartrelle is nominated this week for rethinking his position on how his sisters are portrayed in the media and pledging to be more thoughtful when he engages this topic in the future. He will be a strong ally in our struggle for respect and consideration.


gordon gartrelle said...

Now that's a funny headline!

Although my position hasn't changed, I'll gladly take this honor. Let's see, there are so many people I'd like to thank...

Anonymous said...

when will I receive my honor for most anonomous poster?

Zora said...

coming soon...