Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Electric Boogaloo 2: The Wiggers Strike Back

Last weekend I saw Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. One of the trailers attached was for the upcoming film, "Step Up Movie 2." I offered some narration during the trailers that much to my chagrin got quite a few laughs in the theater. What is the point of being 1/3rd of a blog if you can't share your pre-movie commentary with the world (or at least our readers)?

I now offer the following (and yes, I know our parents thought we were ridiculous at the time):

Start with Wild Style:

Add some Breakin:

Flavor with some Krush Groove:

Mix in some Cool as Ice:

And we have this:

Maybe it should be called "Now Introducing Breakin' 3-Poppin and Lockin' Gentrification?"

As a culture are we this bereft of ideas? And doesn't history indeed come full circle when "whites" through their imitation of "black" popular culture eventually come to own it?


deva said...

what. the. hell. i think i'm offended -- if you have this kind of wholesale appropriation of black youth popular culture should there be some black people in the film. breakin' and the update from a couple years ago -- save the last dance -- are one thing, at least they have a "we are the world" "overcoming difference through mediocre choreography" thing going, this is just usurpation. dirty pool.

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

I saw Sweeney Todd this weekend as well, and also was subjected to this atrocity masquerading as a trailer. These days I've started taking my glasses off and averting my eyes during the previews, especially now that it's January and Hollywood is dumping the worst of its shit. At least Vanilla Ice's schtick was high on unintentional comedy scale (like our president's pronunciation of "nuclear").

Yobachi said...

LoL @ Poppin and Lockin' Gentrification and the Electric Boggaloo 2: The Wiggers strike back.

My soul just died even watching the trailer. Not only was it a weak formulaic mix of routine high school movies and You Got Served monkey shine; but they’ve even taken all of the Black people out of the Breakin Culture.

They’re trying to Jazz us on our hip hop. They just can’t help themselves but culturally appropriate.