Monday, November 12, 2007

Gordon Gartrelle says: Speak For Yourself!

"As renaissance negroes we are also black geeks"

You know damn well that I'm not into comic books, videogames, "Star Wars," sci fi books, zombie flicks, slasher flicks, "Lord of The Rings," Monty Python, computer programming, or any other element of geek culture. I was a huge "Simpsons" fan before it started sucking, though.

And "There be life" is not a valid construction in AAVE . Stop disrespecting our heritage, Brother.

To answer the question, I say we send samples of our greatest alien musical representatives:

Sun Ra, Funkadelic, and Outkast.

I think we should also send the complete works of James Baldwin. Not only was his intelligence otherworldly, just look at his face and tell me the aliens wouldn't recognize him as their brother.

For anybody doubting this project, I leave you with visual evidence of the potential fruitfulness of the 1st contact between human and alien species:


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