Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chauncey DeVega says: Sometimes when all is lost

When the moon is bright I think of old dirty. He really was the Pablo Neruda of Hip Hop, and damn he was so ugly he was almost beautiful. Plus, while the crack made dirt mcgirt a genius it took his life, but odb's real weakness was white women--why couldn't the god odb have a queen on his arm for this heretofore classic video? That really hurts our sistas given the shortage of "marriageable" black men in our communities, and the way that the prison industrial complex has taken black men out of our homes (see here, here, here, and here). Like I always say, please black people if you are on a jury, DO NOT convict our young black men, it is snitchin' in the service of power, a 3rd face type of false consciousness, an I caught Stockholm syndrome type of mental illness.

As Bro' Cos' has been saying, and as Patrick Moynihan and Billy Wilson have said in years past, if more black men were in the home the underclass would right itself. Well maybe that is an overstatement, but at the very least a generation of young black men wouldn't think there is anything remotely straight, manly, or cool about running a train on an ottoman--oops I did it again, that was a very heterosexist, chauvinistic sort of comment--cause we all know there is nothing wrong with this:

Uncle Ruckus would be very upset (and how can you not love Jabba the Hutt's musical cue which accompanies Uncle Ruckus this season?):

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