Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fun With Right-wing Hate Emails #2: Defending Donald Trump's Black Supporters With Searing Insults and Abortion Obsessions

As I did with the last post, here is another installment from the missives I have received from conservatives who are upset that I dared to tell the truth about Donald Trump's (and the GOP writ large) professional best black friends. 

Of course, there are more serious matters that we will soon discuss (the Panama Bank "scandal"; the campaign; other assorted randomness). But I find these virtual field trips into the minds of the contemporary Right-wing CHUD to be very fascinating and entertaining.

A deranged Right-winger sent me this email:
Interesting that a hackneyed third-rater who scribbles for the zio-nazi excrement on a shingle site DKos equates AllLivesMatter with SiegHeil!. Your hoary brand of identity politics smells as bad as you, motherfucker, and it's going the way of the dodo bird. Trump, counterweight to the neocons, enemy of neoliberalism, destroyer of the military industrial complex will be our next POTUS, so start sucking Rakeem Jones' dick right now, and cry me a river.  
They always seem to prove my point that "All Lives Matter" is a white supremacist slogan.

I also had a very interesting series of emails with a conservative who is obsessed with abortions and women's vaginas. Here is one of our exchanges.


Mr. DeVaga,
Although I am not a Trump fan, you made a weak effort into defending why some black people are justified in voting Republican, i.e., pro-life, pro-gun, etc., while completely mis-representing those who do using an example from 50+ years ago on why Republicans, as a whole, are racist.  That's akin to saying that the Democratic party is pro-poor and pro-minority because of what JFK and RFK, via MLK's influence, did in the '60's as opposed to their current pro-death, pro-atheism, pro-government control because we are too stupid agenda they currently represent.  There are many black politicians and leaders who understand that encouraging single parent households, providing handouts rather than jobs, teaching sex education of our youth then leading them to the abortionists, justifying an "it's all about me" attitude to sexuality, marriage, and children, and the list goes on, will sow strife, resentment and hatred.  I'm sure you witnessed that hate at the rally.  Try listening to Dr. Alveda King, Dr. ML King's niece, or watch Maafa 21 and/or Blood Money, and get a real sense of how the poor and minorities, blacks in particular, were targeted by people like Margaret Sanger, the Lindberg's, the Rockefeller's, etc. (yes, from many years ago), and how it continues today. 
The Republican party is far from perfect and no doubt and unfortunately has a racist element among them, but, the Democratic party will take down this Country at the expense of those who support it.   
We went back and forth a few rounds. "DL" then offered up this prize:

Oh, and a few things to ponder,
  • Why would any organization that claims a right to choose want to deny a woman the opportunity to have as much information as possible about what she is doing, about the procedure, a chance to see an ultrasound, what options they have if they kept the child, etc.?
  • Besides the obvious impact of pornography, there's one industry that perpetuates sex slavery, statutory rapists, incest, etc., and that's the abortion industry.  Once the unborn child is killed, the woman or young lady is right back in the same situation they were before.  Abortionists don't allow them a chance to get out.
  • Why does a child lose as a result of a rape and the offender so often is not punished or not significantly.  The child pays the ultimate price from the act of the father, the mother is violated again, and the father moves on.
I'm far from a fundamentalist, but, it's not difficult to see an injustice no matter how you look at it. 
I replied:

God. You do need counseling. Forcing women to have the children of rapists, porn and abortions, huh? I can't wait to share some of these comments online. Amazing stuff! Thank you.

DL then wrote:

This story, "The Missionary Movement to 'Save' Black Babies" is excellent and Sherry Payne is a hero. No doubt that she has answered a call to help those women who need help and I know those in Pregnancy Care Centers want to do the same thing. Our local center not only helps during pregnancy, but, provides help well beyond birth to mother and child. In fact, our annual dinner auction will collect toys and necessities for children and raise a significant sum of money to help those mothers who are in difficult situations. We also have homes for women who don't have one for themselves and their children. There is no doubt help is needed well before and after birth. We cannot preach no abortion and ignore the women who choose to give birth. What does PP do after the abortion, absolutely nothing, they are done and they leave the woman to go right back to where she had difficulties in the first place. The story tries to debunk Maafa 21, but, with no data, only saying that what Maafa 21 presents is a stretch. Even Guttmacher shows a significant disparity in the ratio of abortions between the races which is no doubt driven by wealth. You and the story try to defend that contraception is the save all. Again, the number one reason for abortion, by far, is failed contraception. Why shouldn't we teach our youth that abstinence will prevent pregnancy, STD's, and possible heartache if they are not married? Don't you think a marriage is the best opportunity for that child to be raised. Of course, it's not always perfect, nothing is, but, it's the best start. You fail to recognize that PP makes money on abortions. It's in their best interest, financially to perform abortions. Their leaders are doing quite well financially despite their "helping" poor women. Those speaking in Maafa 21 do not have interest in hurting minority women, only to help them. You are trying to discredit those who want to help. Again, to what gain do those in Rachel's House have in helping pregnant women? Why don't they just move on and let them have their abortions? It's because they see the injustice to the woman and her child.

I tried to help DL:
I am enjoying your sickness. Public health experts will tell you that abstinence only programs do not work. Sorry, but your invisible sky father can't stop people from wanting to have sex. Again, I love how you are confused about "helping" women by abusing them and not letting them make choices about their own health care. You clearly have reading comprehension issues. Maafa 21 is a farce and a joke. Sanger is taken out of context and distorted. This narrative about black "genocide" is a hot mess. Black women from slavery to the present have fought for reproductive rights. White slavers actually tried to prevent black women from having abortions. I guess you are on their side. You should do what you feel right within the law. But do not try to impose your conspiracy theory anti-woman god mess on other people who are actually sane. Planned Parenthood offers many reproductive health services. "Abortion" is a very small percentage of that. So of course, by your logic, Planned Parenthood must be dragging in non-compliant women off of the streets and making them have abortions. Again, your Christian fundie delusions have confused you about the nature of empirical reality.
Get help soon. You will feel much better.
DL is a lost cause:

I appreciate you allowing the conversation to continue, it's been good to hear why you and others take the position you do.  It's interesting that the white Margaret Sanger was just looking out for women of color.  That must be why she did what she could to bring black pastors along as she was concerned about their families (I know, she was looking out for all women, not just women of color).  Listen to her words and her writings, she was not taken out of context nor distorted, she made very clear her motives and who she associated herself with.  You seem to easily dismiss her motives for your own position, otherwise, why would you defend her.  I guess Childress and the 1500 he convinced to march were all duped and fools.  You must be right, they were all looking out for themselves and had nothing better to do.  How can you possibly connect white slavers who had those people oppressed including the children they would have to those trying to protect life now?  It's not even worth the response I'm giving it other than in disbelief.  Your argument, and those from the authors, is that if you are white, your help is unwanted because you must have ulterior motives.  Have more children to keep yourself poor?  And you buy that?  Someone who wants to protect life, the mother and that individual who is not the same as her mother, is not telling black women or any woman to have more children.  Why would they?  Because they want to see more children in difficult situations, because they want to give away their time to help a situation that shouldn't have happened in the first place?  They are just saying that if you are pregnant, you are not helping yourself by killing the child.  Allow people to help you and your child.  Don't you see that it's a lot easier for them to just let that mother have the abortion.  What gain do they have to convince them to give birth to their child?  It's clear that the pro abortion side has a healthy sense of conspiracy theory.  Keep the poor having babies to keep them poor, of course, the rich have so much money they're happy to pump more into taxes.   
Regarding PP, they can say that they do so much good by numbers and that abortion is a small percentage.  Yes, one abortion vs. handing out condoms to all who walk in results in a lower percentage, but, nothing brings in the money that abortion does.  What's the percentage of income from abortion? Except for government funding, it's everything.  They've already admitted that they refer women to other providers for mammograms.  So what good does PP do?  A whole lot of nothing.  There are many other health agencies that treat the whole woman, not just thwarting their reproduction.  You seemed convinced that Christians or people of faith think that sex is bad.  Of course God doesn't stop people from wanting to have sex.  But do we have so little control of our bodies, that we cannot control ourselves?  Christians and other people of faith recognize that there is a time and place for sex that bonds men and women and allows children to have the best shot at growing up to be loved.  These are good goals that we should all shoot for.  Sex is a gift, but like all gifts, it shouldn't be abused for selfish purposes.  As you've made clear that you don't buy this, I'm really not sure why it matters so much to you.  You obviously care about others, but why?  It all will end anyway, so why don't you just take care of yourself while you can?  I don't completely understand, but, I'm sure that doesn't surprise you.

Priceless. Comedy. Gold. But also very scary as these folks vote--and they vote for people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Know your enemies folks.

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