Friday, April 8, 2016

Bill Clinton Versus 'Black Lives Matter'

Some questions for the weekend...

Bill Clinton and "Black Lives Matter" had a bit of a heated to and fro on Thursday. There will be the obligatory "think pieces" and other quickly written essays on the topic by the usual suspects at the usual places. I am still collecting my thoughts. My conclusions may be impolitic. I believe that folks want a simple narrative about the Clintons, race, and crime. There is also a reluctance and perhaps just lack of memory and experience on the part of some elements in Black Lives Matter (what is a very youth driven organization and "movement") regarding how out of control urban crime was in the United States during the late 1980s and through to the mid 1990s.

Folks who are part of the hip hop generation will get my reference to "illies" and how denizens in many communities used to sleep in their bathtubs for fear of being shot by gangbanger thugs.

Help a brother out if you would.

Is Bill Clinton right and some folks are just not willing to hear him because of reasons personal or because of political/experiential blinders?

Is Black Lives Matter being unfair to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton regarding their anti-crime and anti-drug policies some twenty years ago?

Or are Bill and Hillary Clinton the "enemies" of black people because of their support for what has been described as the "new Jim Crow?"

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