Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Corporate News Media's Coverage of Dylann Roof and the Charleston Massacre is a Car Wreck


When I was in elementary school, the father of one of my classmates was a senior executive for one of the area's largest sporting venues. This was a wonderful arrangement because he would give the school extra tickets so that we, the students and staff, could go to the circus, hockey games, dirt bike racing, The Magical World of Ice, demolition derbies, and monster truck shows for free.

Because I was an 8-year-old boy, I was particularly fond of the monster truck and demolition rally shows. I loved all of the noise and excitement. I also didn't realize that all of the carbon monoxide filled fumes that were emitted by the trucks and cars in an enclosed space were giving me a headache and destroying my brain cells.

The mainstream corporate news media's coverage--with several exceptions see: Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell--of the Dylann Roof Charleston Massacre is a car wreck of unimaginable proportions. It is a mashup of the comedy UHF and Cronenberg's essential Videodrome.

Dylann Roof, a white racial terrorist who left a manifesto, photos of himself in white supremacist regalia and holding the Confederate flag, before killing 9 black people in a church in a state where said flag is still flown, is a lesson in the semi-permanence of white racism in the Age of Obama.

Dylann Roof is so perfect in his throwback racist Right-wing, white supremacist evil that he is a system shock. Intentionally or not, Roof further exposed the moral rot of today's Republican Party as they ran away from how he is their monster, and his rampage was racist and not "anti-Christian" as the GOP's propagandists originally suggested. Roof's murder spree has also, and again, demonstrated how the commercial mainstream corporate news media is incapable of having an adult, mature, and intelligent conversation about white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

In this spectacle and theater, loud, signifying nothing, and accomplishing very little, we have seen things I would not have imagined a week ago.

Cornel West went on CNN and went hard for the proverbial throat, when he suggested that Obama is "niggerized", and like so many blacks, afraid of white people. He also spoke truth to power: the Republicans are moral cowards who should not be praised for finally relenting that the Confederate flag is in fact the American Swastika. The host was flummoxed. 

Don Lemon is a performance artist. He holds up a placard with the word "nigger" and asks "are you offended". He is also hosted a segment which explored if Barack Obama, the United States' first black president should apologize for America's slave regime and white supremacist past/present. Joe Madison looked like he was about to go "Dr. Death" David Schultz on Don Lemon and Timothy Egan

I do wish that he was in the same studio and thus able to do so.

CNN interviewed South Carolina State Representative William Chumley. During that interview he suggested that the black murder victims in Charleston were cowards and by implication were complicit in their own murders because they did not have guns or fight back as they were ambushed by white supremacist David Roof. Chumley is proof of the merits and hope represented by generational replacement.

Politics is professional wrestling (again). Dylann Roof is Colonel DeBeers in the AWA.

[A bonus. A young and amazing Scott Hall versus Colonel DeBeers.]

The mainstream corporate news media's coverage of the Charleston Massacre is the infamous "Shock Master" angle from World Championship Wrestling.

In these dark times, bowing to the absurd is a viable means of maintaining one's sanity.


joe manning said...

When it comes to hyperbolic histrionics Bill Chumley, Wayne Lapierre, and Joe Arpaio got nothing on Andre the Giant, Rick Flair, and Duke Keomuka. The GOP's "war on religion" angle fizzled as the Roof pix went viral, forcing them to publicly eat crow by grudgingly vowing to retire the Stars and Bars. World Class Wrestling couldn't have trotted out better clowns to hawk their snake oil.

All kidding aside, assuming that Obama is reading this blog, I encourage him to take this historically crucial time to explain the nuts and bolts of white supremacy to the American public, emphasizing the necessity of a presidential public apology for slavery, and proposing reparations for African Americans.

chauncey devega said...

The War on Christians angle was such a failure sort of like when Flair was the Black Scorpion. The white Right Fox News crowd is fully propagandized. Thus, there will be no consequences for the lies. It is a small world, I would like to believe that one of his junior press secretaries is bored on occasion and maybe skims a headline or two.

joe manning said...

I feel sure that he keeps up on this stuff.

seeknsanity said...

White people are so sadistic, they would get a kick out of a black man apologizing for what their forefathers did. Just like Dylan wore his black oppression memorabilia around the black people he knew, knowing that that person did not know what it represented. It confirms their belief that blacks are unintelligent and reaffirms their superiority.

Cornell West is right that the firstling sought from blacks is their forgiveness when atrocities of his manner are committee against them. In that way their deep christian roots, can be manipulated to allow them to let the perpetrator off the hook, as they seek to be good christians.

Chumly, it's funny that he would have been the very person supporting the courts when they were denying blacks that right, years ago. Now he wants to use them in support of their insane second amendment fight. As long as it doesn't give blacks an equal playing field, that is.