Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega Will be on 'The Context of White Supremacy' Radio Show Tonight at 8pm EST; And There is Now an Official Tumblr Site for We Are Respectable Negroes

I hope that your weekend was restful. As you can see here on WARN, Alternet, and the Daily Kos, I had a busy time--but still got my grub on and went to see X-Men again--with my essay on Elliot Rodger and "aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome" going viral, and trying to get a read on how folks were responding to the argument.

My conclusion? Whiteness and the white racial frame have blinded so many folks. I do not know if their capacity for reason and critical thinking can be salvaged.

[And making the random observation, I was telling a friend how there is no correlation between the number of hits an essay receives and the donations that are given in support of WARN. Fascinating. Very fascinating.]

Two quick points.

Sharing, as is my habit, I will be on The Context of White Supremacy online talk radio show this evening at 8pm Eastern.

The show has some history and has featured guests such as Dick Gregory, Tim Wise, Charles Mills, Noel Ignatiev, as well as many other top shelf scholars and activists. It is nice to be included among such good folks. The Context of White Supremacy is also a long-form radio show--2 hours--so there will be ample time to chat and also take some calls. We will be chatting about Elliot Rodger, race in the Age of Obama, my thoughts on Whiteness and White Supremacy, as well as whatever other topics happen to come up.

Hopefully, I will get to dialogue with some of the good folks who frequent WARN as well.

Based on the suggestions of the kind supporters of WARN, I have finally decided to launch a Tumblr site (it has been up for a few days as I tinkered around with the design; now we need to get some followers). It is called "The Negro From Planet X" and can be found at the following url:


I started cross-posting material on Facebook a few months back and it definitely has brought some new folks to WARN. I will be using Tumblr as a way of sharing and linking to material posted here, as well as articles, photos, and other content that fits within my "ghetto nerd" black pragmatism oeuvre. Readers can also submit material to "The Negro From Planet X"--once I figure out how to get the functionality up and running (the tab is not appearing in the navigation bar and the feature is enabled. Any suggestions?).

I always appreciate the support and love from the readers and fans of WARN. I think that the Tumblr site will be lots of fun.


Myshkin the Idiot said...

I started a tumblr a while back, I don't really post much. I just use it to get news and info, for that it's much better than facebook and even google.

I like your page, the short format is nice. That post on guns and masculinity is great. the tab thing, I don't know. Check out their help menu, maybe you can ask someone a question

chauncey devega said...

What was your tumblr url so we can follow you? I really want to have the submit button so that you and other readers/friends of the site can submit material.

Myshkin the Idiot said...

thanks for asking. I have two followers, one bot and one real person. I might start sharing more if I get a little bit o an audience.


jimA thompson said...

I listened to the show, caught most of it great discussion contextually & nice hearing the voice behind this page would of made a nice addition to this page with or with-out the call-in portion. Btw, that almost forced interplay with the host over the kid was bizarre. Anyway I hope he puts it up I want to share it.