Monday, July 29, 2013

A Pitch Letter for the Already in Development Movie About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin?

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I always share things that come to me if I feel they are worthwhile and appropriate. Race, crime, and guns are central to the American cultural and political imagination. Movies are projections of a community's dreams and how it works out anxieties, fears, hopes, and worries.

Why would the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman saga be any different?


July XXX

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The last meeting was good. I am glad to see that we are on the same page. A Zimmerman movie would do really well. Hot topics make money. Let's move fast. This can be done on the cheap too. That will make my bosses happy and the numbers pretty easy.

We need to be careful and sensitive but the bank is potentially there. You wanted to do something with writers we know from spec. That makes sense. But I would prefer to do something with the regulars in order to get this done and signed off ASAP because other studios are riding this one too. The story is pretty formula so any good writer can get it done. If you have a spec writer who is fast run with it and see. Your call. You know where I am coming from.

The angle of the project with Zimmerman as a lone man fighting against all odds and unbelievable adversity makes sense. Your idea about one man against the system with a mix of the 12 Angry Man deal is smart too. This is David and Goliath. Works. When you get more real on details with the writers make sure the script emphasizes the immigrant angle too. A court room drama and human interest story about one man against the system who loves America and who is found innocent and then has to rebuild his life is very profitable.

When you talk with the writer maker sure that there is a nice up ending with Zimmerman saving those people from the burning car. The hero ending is important.

I don't know about the merchandising. We need to figure that out later once we get a sense of the buzz and response. I don't want to go VOD and Redbox first. The numbers suggest that a wider release may work based on the targeted markets.

MR and track record tells us this will be big in the Midwest and the South. The lists for the Bible TV show and the Birther movies overlap with the Zimmerman project. Once he does the speaking tour deal, TV, and other appearances the audience builds itself.

Use the church crowd, tea party, and soc media. Twitter and Facebook love this guy. Fox is gushing over Zimmerman. The cross platform/market synergy for this is perfect.

Call me later. I am gonna be on you about this one.


Miles_Ellison said...

This was better when it was Death Wish. The more things change......

chauncey devega said...

They are all fantasy projections of a certain personality type, are they not?

Learning is Eternal said...

Is this real?

chauncey devega said...

You tell me?