Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leaked! Herman Cain's New Campaign Video "We are the Real America" is Seeking Actors: Here is the Call for Extras

I have friends and contacts in places high and low. One of them forwarded me a call for extras from Herman Cain's newest campaign commercial, "We are the Real America." It fits perfectly. I cannot help but to laugh and smile as I read it. Enjoy.


Herman Cain, Republican Party 2012 Presidential Candidate is seeking extras for the shooting of a new campaign video called "We Are the Real America." This project is currently auditioning actors and is being cast in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The campaign video is being shot by a well-known director who is a notable supporter of Conservative political causes in Hollywood. The 5 minute video is financed by the group Friends of Herman Cain for President in 2012. The campaign film highlights Herman Cain's broad appeal to a diverse group of Americans and how he speaks for the silent majority.

The film is seeking extras for crowd shots, as well as individuals and families for close in profiles. For extras, we are looking for the following:
  • Active seniors who convey a sense of happiness and excitement about the future
  • Young, clean cut blacks and Latinos
  • Soccer moms and their children
  • Traditional, middle class Americans from suburban and rural backgrounds. Country music and Christian gospel fans are especially sought after.
If you are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area and would like to be considered for Herman Cain's new campaign video "We are the Real America" please email with the role you are auditioning for in the subject heading.

We are also seeking actors and actresses for the following roles:
    1. Patriotic Muslim. She should be a very exciting, captivating and beautiful Muslim-American. An observant Muslim, she will be comfortable wearing a colorful hijab in the film. This actress radiates a love of the United States. Very charming and delicate, she will be shot waving a small American flag at a backyard barbecue while dancing with her American friends.
    2. Real American Motorcycle Rider. He is a powerfully built American with long blond hair, tattoos, and a goatee. Always ready for action, he is never far from his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Wearing jeans and a leather vest, he will have his patriotic tattoos prominently featured in Herman Cain's campaign video. If possible, this actor will have an American flag on his biceps that he will flex for a climactic close in shot.
    3. Upwardly Mobile Black Professional. He is a slight to small framed African American who wears glasses. With a clean cut look (no dread locks or other ethnic haircut) he is very excited and charmed by Herman Cain's presence. They will likely embrace each other and exchange a high five. He should be athletic because their meeting will occur while playing golf. This actor will wear a relaxed corporate look of khaki jeans, a cell phone on his belt, and a white baseball hat.
    4. Multiracial Family. This group of two parents and at least two children should be of different racial backgrounds. Both are professionals and very much in love. An African American and white couple is preferred. An Asian and white couple is also acceptable. The child should be no older than 2 years old (small enough to be placed on their father's shoulder while securely waving an American flag), and have light brown or red hair. Grey, hazel, or blue eyes are preferred.
    5. Sikh and Jewish Friends. At least one observant Sikh (turban wearing) and one observant Jewish actor (with yarmulke) or actress are needed. They should be young (no older than 30 years old), very athletic, and fashionable hipsters or otherwise edgy, cool, and tuned into popular culture. Both will be in the campaign video playing either soccer or Hacky Sack among a larger group of Herman Cain supporters while they update their status on Facebook or Twitter by using their Ipods or Ipads.
    6. Latinos in Military Uniform. A former veteran or active duty service person is needed. We are especially open to groups of military personnel from Latin or South America who are enthusiastic supporters of Herman Cain. They will be expected to appear in both their dress uniforms and camouflage. Battle ribbons and medals should be prominently displayed. Replica weapons will be furnished to the actors and actresses.

    7. Arab American with Dog. One person from the Middle East is needed with his or her dog. Preferably, a yellow Labrador retriever or a lovable mutt who enjoys interacting with others. The dog should be a puppy. If it is exceptionally talented and has prior acting experience, an older animal will also be acceptable.

Please submit photos and resumes by email only.


Rubi said...

This is a spoof, right?

ish said...

I just don't know what to say.

Hollywood4Cain said...

That's how it works in Hollywood, friends. Been there, done that. It's called movie-making and everybody does it if they want to get their point across.

Speaking of which, check out this humorous little bit of Hollywood trickery that pits a stuttering, stammering Barack Obama against Herman Cain as they debate the merits of health care reform. Barack Obama’s worst nightmare, indeed!

CNu said...

This jiggaboo is too good to be true...., Herman Cain: ‘I Believe Homosexuality Is A Sin’

Abstentus said...

I've worked in entertainment, and in politics, so I know this is how it gets done. But for some reason this is particularly crass to me. Part of that might be my inability to view Cain as anything but a GOP "good negro" and watered down minstrel (and such stuff.)

But objectively, I thing they are going for too much there. It's like they are trying to do a mash up of the orignal "Teach the World to Sing," Coke spot, with the "Morning in America," spot, and as well, any number of Benetton adds. But a twisted tea bagger version of the Benetton ads.

I'm already working on the parody script. I'm thinking the same casting call descriptions. But they are Borg.

jamdown said...

No dreadlocks or ethnic haircuts for the Black male, huh? What's an ethnic haircut? Need to get one.

RiPPa said...

Best post I've read all friggin day. No seriously, this really made my day. This makes a lot of sense of his "Rasing Cain" video. I assumed the Black folks they showed over and over were maybe his relatives.

problem said...

I just love how in the Arab American one they spend more time describing the dog's qualifications. WTF? lol

3ChicsPolitico said...

The child should be no older than 2years old (small enough to be placed on their father's shoulder while securely waving an American flag), and have light brown or red hair. Grey, hazel, or blue eyes are preferred.



CNu said...

and you just KNOW that the casting director imagineering and specifying all these two-legged set pieces of Benetton is gay-as-hell....,

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. I belly-laughed from this casting call. The black man high-fiving Cain, the Muslim woman in the bright colored hijab and the Muslim with a DOG!! had me in tears. I have no words for the ridiculousness of this casting call.

chaunceydevega said...

@Rubi. What do you think?

@Ish. Don't be polite!

@Hollywood. Please explain the name. For Herman Cain or cain in general?

@Cnu. Are you sure he isn't the spook who sat by the door and is actually working as an agent provocateur?

@Abstentus. You forgot Driving Miss Daisy.

@Jamdown. Ethnic is as ethnic does.

@Rippa. I thought one was that tired handkerchief head who was MLKs niece? The others are straight from central black conservative garbage pail kid casting.

@Problem. Muslims with dogs are real Americans. Where have you been this last decade?

@3 Chics. Got to go for the racially ambiguous trying to earn their whiteness coloured class.

@Anon. Smiles are good.

CNu said...

@Cnu. Are you sure he isn't the spook who sat by the door and is actually working as an agent provocateur?

I've met him and I'm quite certain he's anything but that.

Rubi said...

@chaunceydevega. Poe's law and all that.

fred c said...

I was thirty-five years old before I got the joke: what's black and white and (read) all over? So I suppose I have a literal mind. Wherever this bit is coming from though, it works for me. If it's a gag, you got it right, and like they say in the novelistic world: if it's not true, it should be.

Anonymous said...

**NOTE- This is NOT me posting my beliefs...this is sarcasm, making fun of hat the posting would look like if there was no filter.**

Patriotic Muslim- no males, no sitting around (e.g., not dancing), and no wearing black or grey.

Real American Motorcycle Rider- no buzz-cuts or bald heads (makes people think "Neo-Nazis"), and cover up those "Hells Angels" tatoos.

Updwardly Mobile Black Professional- no fat black people, no afros, dreds or cornrolls, and no black people with good vision. Oh, and you have to know how to play golf, too...I'm sure THAT will bring them in by the THOUSANDS!

Multiracial Family- let's see those half-breed long as they LOOK half-breed! They can't look "too white" or "too black" or "too Asian".

Sikh and Jewish Friends- not sure about this? Rent the movie "You Don't Mess With the Zohan"

Latinos in Military Uniform- no Latino gang construction-worker garb. Replica weapons will be furnished to appeal to the NRA crowd.

Arab American with Dog- negotiations for compensation will be handled through the dog.

Greg, UNC fan said...

Notice also how they take care to place black people in the close-up shots, but the shots showing the entire crowd is lily-white. And this is supposed to be in Atlanta? IIRC, there is a large African-American population in Atlanta.

Oh, and the guy holding the kid doesn't meet the set standards. The dad has dreadlocks, the kid has an afro.

chaunceydevega said...

@Cnu--Could be a double triple agent?

@Rubi. I ain't that literate be done explain that one for me more?

@Anon. Do you want to direct the 2nd unit?

@Greg. They are all over the frame, just like MLK's confused niece. What is up with her?

Rubi said...

@chaunceydevega. My apologies, sir. Here's a handy explanation. Just for giggles, you might want check out the definition on the Conservapedia site.