Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MC Reh Dogg's Exclusive Mixed Tape for the Obama Death Twitters Solly Foggy and Jay Martin

Straight fire! We got the hottest exclusives and best drops! Don't be hatin'! Go to your closest mixed tape spot and cop the one and only Reh Dogg giving love to Solly Foggy and Jay Martin the only "niggas" holdin' it down against that Obama and his Ozombies! Fire!

Thanks for indulging me. Am I the only one who used to love going to the corner spot and picking up cassettes of Lazy K, DJ Mister Cee, Doo Wop, DJ Craig G or Dirty Harry? Boy! those were the days. I will never forget the joy of getting the Best of Biggie as well as Dirty Harry's homage to Nas within 2 weeks of each other at the mixed tape spot on the corner of Whalley Ave and Sherman. Trust, the '93 Buick was bumpin' those beats outside of Great Gatsby's.

Since we can't go backwards, why not go forward? As folks have highlighted elsewhere, apparently there is a fool black conservative blogger who speaks for the hip hop set (I guess Michael Steele brought the collard greens and macaroni and cheese to get the young saggin' crowd to show up) who wants to up his street cred by mercin' President Obama. I reasoned that like most black conservatives black garbage pail kids in the Age of the Tea Party, their stupidity speaks for itself, so why not help them out a bit?

A year or so ago we featured legendary Connecticut MC Reh Dogg. He is so talented, amazing, and gifted he is the heir to Rakim's throne.

Little did we know that Reh Dogg would come to be the Puff Daddy of these Internets. He is a mogul, a man with a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of hits, and a legion of followers. Who could have possibly known that he was one of America's foremost Black Conservatives? William F. Buckley and Clarence Thomas have nothing on Reh Dogg, Solly Foggy, and Jay Martin. Nothing at all!


Dylan B. said...

What's up with these wannabe Brooklyn's Finest's Boys. These studio gangsters and keyboard killers. I can never get how they can talk about Obama when his friends are seriously laughing at them calling them "a joke."

RiPPa said...

Reh Dogg is the reason Mase quit the game and became a preacher. Real talk, son! True story!!

Reh Dogg Fan said...

Reh Dogg is on a
quest to create another Internet Sensation. we are pretty sure he has done just
that with his latest creation "I'm Jerking Off"

This one is more disturbing than his last hit "Why must
I cry" Don't just take my word for it check it out and be the judge.