Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Sociopath Mike Pence Defeated Tim Kaine at Last Night's Vice Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a heavyweight championship bout. By comparison, last night's vice presidential debate was an undercard fight, and like most undercard fights it served more as a preview of future talent than as a featured attraction.

Pence beat Kaine on style points. Pence refused to engage but made sure to look good doing it. Kaine was nervous at first. He would eventually hit some very good shots, but Pence acted as though nothing had happened. In all, the vice presidential debate was a tedious slog--one not helped by the piss poor moderator who seemed quite out of her depth and obsessed with following a script as opposed to letting anything worthwhile develop organically.

As I suggested  several weeks ago, Mike Pence is far more dangerous than Donald Trump. He is a polished liar who "looks" presidential. As Jamelle Bouie at Slate pointed out, Pence "gaslighted" the nation last night as he created an alternative reality where Donald Trump is a victim, he and Trump apparently never said the things they have actually been recorded on video saying, facts are "insulting," and recycled disproved and tired Right-wing talking points about taxes, Hillary Clinton, international relations, and police thuggery are the lengua franca 

And of course, both candidates had to make an obligatory statement about their "faith" and "god"--where Pence showed himself to be a Christian theocrat with little regard for the Constitution or women's agency, intelligence, or freedom.

Donald Trump is a test of concept for the reactionary Right-wing and the Republican Party. Mike Pence is going to be the mass produced model for 2020. You have been warned. 

Who do you think won last night's debate? Will Donald Trump be able to learn something from Pence's debate style and then apply it in Sunday night's rematch?

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