Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Myth of the Liberal Media (Again): MSNBC's Excuse-making and Enabling of Donald Trump's Racist Supporters and Campaign

Once and again, there is no "liberal media". Last night's MSNBC segment on Donald Trump's racist base is further proof of that statement.

On "All In With Chris Hayes", Dorian Warren tried to offer up the good fight, one grounded in empirical reality and facts, that connects Trump's campaign to at least 5 decades of GOP race baiting, coded racial appeals, and bigotry. As is the mainstream corporate news media's habit, the other guests--as well as host Chris Hayes--danced around, denied, and in one case outright rejected what are basic observations about American politics.

[To his credit, Chris Hayes responded to me via Twitter and explained that he was not making excuses for Trump's racism and his supporters' attraction to it.]

This was a cringe worthy moment that highlights exactly how Donald Trump's ascendance in the 2016 presidential primary season has been aided and abetted by the so-called "liberal media".

Folks often wonder why they don't see me on MSNBC or CNN (I have been mentioned on air before which was a nice complement and surprise; funny thing, I have however been invited on Fox News several times for prime time appearances). First, I have not been asked. Second, there is no way that I would have played along with the lies and distortions evidenced during the segment on Donald Trump's racist appeals and bonafides last evening on Chris Hayes. Dorian is much more the polite professional than I am.

There are many examples of "journalistic" malpractice by the corporate news media this election cycle. This is but one of the most recent and obvious ones.

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