Sunday, March 20, 2016

So Predictable: Another Black Donald Trump Supporter Goes on the Attack...This Time in Tucson, Arizona

I predicted this several months and weeks ago. I spoke about it on the Thom Hartmann and Ring of Fire TV shows. Black Trumpeteers are on the attack--this time in Tucson, Arizona.

They (and perhaps soon to be joined by Latino Trumpeteers) will be the leading edge of the sword, the most violent and confrontational part of Trump's horde.

Folks "borrowed" my Trump and professional wrestling analysis without attribution. Others will start calling out the black Trumpeteers as though their claims are novel. Just remember where you heard it first folks.

Help me puzzle this one out. Why are the black Trumpeteers so violent? Is is all just internalized racism and a type of Stockholm syndrome where in the midst of white racists they must go out of their way to prove their bonafides? Something else?

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