Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chauncey DeVega Talks About Donald Trump and Professional Wrestling on the RT Network's Show 'The Big Picture'

As is my habit, here is my most recent guest spot on The Big Picture with guest host Mike Papantonio.

A few thoughts. 

In terms of substance, I think this is one of my best appearances. I finally got to publicly claim my thesis about Trump's appeal and pro wrestling, one that has been "borrowed" by others without attribution no few number of times. I also had a good time getting in my mentions of Daniel Bryan (as Bernie Sanders) and Kevin Owens (in the role of Donald Trump). 

I have surrendered to the reality that I will look like a human squash on certain TV shows. To be a squash is much more preferable than my curse of the pumpkin. The signal and lighting are fine on my end but somehow it gets filtered and processed by the engineers at the studio (the cropping was also off too). Sigh, color timing is/was a real issue. The next step on my journey is to get to a place in the line up where I am brought into a studio so that other folks can figure these matters out.

I do not make a habit of reading comments that are written online in response to my written work or media appearances. I do glance at them from time to time. One of the "insults" that is often lobbed at me is that I look too "rehearsed" and "prepared". Here is the deal: I do not know what I am going to be asked by a host. There are a few occasions where I have been given one or two questions before hand. I quickly learned that those questions may not even be asked on the show. I enjoy going on TV; I like the camera; and I have performed as a DJ in another life before thousands of people...I feed off of a crowd and their attention.

Maybe, as I develop and grow this part of my skill set, I will get good enough that I look 100 percent spontaneous? Alternatively, I would like to believe that I will hit my mark more often than not and always put in my best performance.

This was the first time I have been asked to open a show. Do you think I did well? Am I better as a closer?

As always, please feel free to share any other thoughts, complements, suggestions, or the like.

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