Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega on the Thom Hartmann Radio Show Earlier Today Talking About Obama's Tears and Bundy's Oregon Thugs

I was on the Thom Hartmann radio show earlier today. I also will be on Ring of Fire TV tomorrow and Thursday discussing similar matters.

I am still a pumpkin man...just a different hue. I am also reminded of the need to put on chapstick and to lose 20 more pounds if the camera is going to be that close to my bulbous head. I am vain. I am at the "normal" weight for my height but that ain't good enough. Is there a chart somewhere that indicates the weight gain inches in distance of a HD camera from one's face? 

On substantive matters, I think we did well here. Thom is a very good host who allows himself to show emotion and contemplation. This is every compelling. He also gives very nice complements. 

I was not prepared for the question about how some black folks were disappointed (or maybe even angered) by Obama showing emotion for the children killed at Sandy Hook. The mask that black masculinity is forced to don (it is worn by black femininity too, just in different but complementary ways) shapes, on both sides of the color line, how we view Obama's tearful moment. 

As always, please do share thoughts, insights, advice, and constructive feedback on my guest spot if so inclined. I am very curious as to your thoughts and feelings about President Obama, tears, and emotion too. Did I give a satisfactory answer to Thom's question? 

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