Monday, December 14, 2015

The Joy and Spite of Fundraising with White Supremacist Hate Mail Part 3

Here is the third installment in my racist hate mail fundraising series.

We are at the beginning of the third week of the annual December fundraiser here at I am so appreciative of the kindness that has been shown to me by the friends and fans of my work online and elsewhere. We are about 70 or so percent to the goal. I will use the kind donations to start a video podcast next year. There is something in process that those kind donations will also help me follow through on in the best way possible. Details to come. Thank you notes are also in know how I like to wait until the end of the fundraiser to send those out properly. If you can throw some copper, gold, silver, or paper into the donation bucket and virtual begging bowl it would be much appreciated.

This email shows us how white supremacists are now using the language of "colorblindness" and "Christian brotherhood" to advance their agenda.


let me start this by telling you, I am a white male from Texas and yes I do have prejudices, yet I don't consider myself a racist. I don't judge people based on the color of their skin I don't make decisions on how I deal with people based on the color of their skin. I do judge people on their actions and the way they talk. You sir, are absolutely a racist. Blaming all whites for the actions of one piece of shit in the church shooting. Those were my brothers and sisters in Christ that got killed. And you want to blame that on every white American? It's people like you that are causing these things to happen.

What are your racist rants accomplishing? Do you really want a race war? Or are you truly after equality for all? Either way I've never backed down in my life. I spent almost 5 years in prison in Texas where whites are by far the minority. So I know a little about true oppression based on race. Every time I fought against a black man or mexican, 2 or 3 more jumped in. That part of my life ended 12 years ago and I spend every day trying to be the person God says I'm supposed to be. I gotta be honest with you, it's getting harder and harder. People like you are making it close to impossible spewing your racist liberal crap. Why don't you focus on the individual that did it instead of blaming every person that has white skin. The sad thing is, and I'm sure you won't be able to get past your hate of "white America" to believe me, I'm one of the people that would've tried to shield that congregation with my body. Not because they are black or white, but because they are Christian and I can't think of a better way to go out.

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