Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Semi-Open Thread: Was "Black Lives Matter" the Real Winner of Tonight's Democratic Primary Debate?

The Democrat primary debate was an adult conversation as compared to the shit flinging human zoo spectacle that was the Republican clown car and demolition derbies. I was worried that the "normal politics" that would be displayed by the Democrats would make for a boring debate. I am glad that I was wrong.

What are your thoughts about this evening's Democratic Party debate?

Was "Black Lives Matter" the real winner?

Who won this first round, Sanders or Clinton?

As a student of American politics, I was very pleased to see "Democratic Socialism" explained, defined, and discussed in a mature way during the debate.

We know that the Right-wing propaganda machine will be up in arms crying that the Democratic Party are "Communists"--even though the Democrats are center right neoliberals whose policies are not that much unlike those of the GOP not too long ago. This is predictable. But will that Red-baiting rumor mongering get any traction among undecided Independents?

What are your thoughts about the debate?

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