Saturday, August 1, 2015

They are Wannabe Judge Dredds: This is What Murder by Cop Looks Like. Ray Tensing's Thug Cop Brethren Conspire to Cover Up the Killing of Samuel DuBose

The corrupt cop is a fixture in pulp fiction and noir entertainment.

He or she places themselves above the law in order to personally profit--or to avoid the consequences for their illegal deeds.

The cop with the dumb gat which they use to place near the body of a person they summarily executed was seen in the video recorded killing of Walter Scott by thug cop Michael Slager.

This week, we saw, again, a similar routine where Ray Tensing killed Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati without cause, and in cold blood with a shot to the head, as Tensing's fellow thug cops Eric Weibel and Phillip Kidd subsequently conspired with him to cover up the crime.

If not for the unflinching eye of the video camera, Samuel Dubose would be another "no human involved" put in "dead nigger storage" while the fake hero thug cop is fawned over by the local media as some type of "victim" who acted "bravely" because he "feared for his life".

We have a smart readership from a range of backgrounds. Thus, a question.

If a regular citizen--and I use that distinction intentionally as America's cops exist above and outside of the law that governs all other people it seems--killed someone, then conspired with his or her compatriots to obfuscate the facts in order to protect the first party from prosecution, how would the group be charged if arrested?

Stated differently, did Ray Tensing and his fellow thug killer cops participate in a criminal conspiracy? Is this "just" interfering with a police investigation and filing false information? Or does their behavior rise to the standard of being accomplices to murder?

Ultimately, if a "regular" person killed a cop and then their friends lied about the circumstances of the act, would the whole lot go to prison for murder?

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