Monday, October 28, 2013

Lawrence Kasdan is Rewriting the New Star Wars Movie and We Also Get Some Laughs from this Newly Discovered Star Wars: A New Hope Blooper Reel

Do enjoy this newly "discovered" blooper reel from Star Wars: A New Hope before the copyright monster takes it down. The audio track begins at the 50 second mark.

I just hope that the new JJ Abrams' Star Wars movies capture just a tiny bit of the joy and wonder that George Lucas channeled in the first trilogy. Is that so much to ask? When I saw George Lucas several months ago with his new bride taking in an evening movie, he seemed pretty at ease...hopefully that is a good sign for the future health of the Star Wars universe.

The most recent news about the new Star Wars movies is mixed--at best. Michael Arendt, the original writer for Episode 7, has been replaced. Lawrence Kasdan, the scribe of The Empire Strikes Back, is now assuming writing duties along with JJ Abrams. I must wonder, is Kasdan's involvement with the new film a sign that the original script is a mess? Alternatively, given Kasdan's role with the original trilogies, should Star Wars fandom be reassured by this development? Or is this just the typical writing process for a movie that is part of a mega-franchise?

I am editing the newest episode in the podcast series here on We Are Respectable Negroes, and will post it this week. The release of the Star Wars: A New Hope blooper reel, and Kasdan's role in the new trilogy, are together an opportunity to revisit our first podcast where friend of WARN, Bill the Lizard, and I discussed our thoughts on the prequels, as well as offered up some suggestions for the new trilogies.

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Bryan Ortez said...

thanks for sharing. I was born in 18985, but I did love some Star Wars while growing up. I liked the scenery and sets of the original movies, something I think the later movies abandoned in favor of computer graphics.

I look forward to introducing my son to Star Wars when he's older and I'm excited they are making new movies.

Here is a personality profile I came across from a friend. Last test I took I came out as INFJ which would give me the character of Obi Wan. just a little fun