Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Conservative Commentariat Class Eliminationist Rhetoric about the "47 Percent": "Thanks To Romney, We Can Single Out ‘Parasites’"

What do you do with parasites? You crush them like cockroaches.

Once more the Right and the Tea Party GOP show us who they have always been. Romney and Ryan are drunk on the Ayn Rand Kool Aid where society is divided between worthwhile people who are "suppliers" or "job creators" and surplus people who are government tit suckers. Instead of running away from Romney's "47 percent of the American public are a waste of oxygen who are dependent on the State and a black President who gives them things they don't deserve" comment, a few brave souls are doubling down.

The eliminationist rhetoric that has become a type of political Esparanto for the Right over the last few decades is dangerous, inflammatory, and violent. On CNN, Mary Matalin, Republican talking head, doubles down on the Tea Party GOP's understanding of those citizens who are "valuable," and those others who ought to be made into Soylent Green.

Matalin used to be one of the more sane Right-wing pundits. It would seem that she too has crossed over from a type of conservatism that was typified by a stay the course, middle of the road, traditionalism, over to a reckless radicalism that seeks to undo the social compact and consensus politics of the post World War Two era and the Great Society.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Ayn Rand wing of the Republican Party are now plainly stating what many have long suspected about American society in the neoliberal age. Citizenship is tiered. It has always been.

We are all equal; however, some of us are more equal--and valuable--than others. The former are to be damned. Conservatives, the Tea Party people especially, who are in the 47 percent are surplus people too.

They simply have not realized it yet.


Invisible Man said...

Mary Matalin(R) married to James Carville (D) One party two heads. The average citizen be they democrat or republican are equally distracted purposefully by "The Big Game" in November. All you're doing is tossing more read meat so the Blue Team can feel all superior and they do the same.

“The new America is fast becoming a vast ghetto in which all of us,republicans and democrats, are being bled dry by a relatively tiny oligarchy of extremely clever financial criminals ”
― Matt Taibbi,

Anonymous said...

"Brave souls?"

IMHO, Matalin and her ilk are gutless cowards. It's soooo easy to call others "parasites" when you can do it from the comfort of a television studio, among those who will never hold you accountable for your words.

Some "debate." Neither the interviewer nor her ideological opponent call her out on that term. To the extent that they tolerate it, they legitimize it.

In that sense, Matalin isn't the problem. The problem is the people who don't recoil in horror and shun her.

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

And they accuse their opponents of "class warfare." It's time to educate more people about surplus labor value.

chaunceydevega said...

Invisible. Beast with two heads or beast with two backs? Sorry, couldn't resist.

@Anon. Wouldn't it be a great moment if one of these journalists stopped an interview and said "I call bullshit!"

@MrBear. Stop your Marxist commie talk! Go away redistributor!

Black Sage said...

In reference to Wishful President Romney’s stupid statement regarding the 47% of Americans who are living off of the government, twisted toupee Donald Trump said, “there is no room to apologize.” Matalin said, the government has been spending more money on social programs! Romney’s comments will galvanize conservative support. We should double-down and quadruple-down. We want to lift people out of poverty. How amusing! It’s quite obvious that Republican bobble-head Matalin has either skipped more than a few dosages of her regimen of Prozac and Zoloft or she’s escaped from the local mental health institution just to participate in this interview, perhaps both.

The thing with Wishful President Mitt is that he’s made so many droppings that he’s beginning to step in his own stuff and he still doesn’t smell it!

If either the Democrats or GOP/Tea Party wants to impress the American people as a party of choice, I propose a wholesale round-up of all Gangsta Bankstas in police paddy wagons across the entire US (Eagle Empire) that intentionally caused this global economic mess and placed them in jail and subsequently put each and every one of them on trial for being complicit in doing so! Indeed, that will impress me! I doubt that will happen though. Why? Because the average American’s attention span is no longer than twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

CNu said...

The average employed and "responsible" american is incapable of writing at an 8th grade level of proficiency.

If you can't write, how you gonna;

1. document
2. measure
3. evaluate
4. problem solve
5. plan

THAT'S why the increasingly expendable sheeple are so easy to mislead and manage into being harvested for their wool, their tender, succulent young, and their very own flesh - when everything else is said and done...,

Mass SLAUGHTER coming soon to a vicinity near you!!!

nomad said...

"Mass SLAUGHTER coming soon to a vicinity near you!!!"

Brrrr... It's chilling that Homeland Security is stockpiling so much hollow point ammo. Who dey plannin on usin it on?

CNu said...

@Nomad - this is what I was referring to...,

freebones said...

careful now, CDV.

ayn rand did not in any way espouse the kind of politics that romney and ryan live by.

she hated conservatives for most of her life and thought they would be the death of america.

her philosophy was a pretty good one, but it takes a lot of understanding. i used to hate her too, until a saw a few documentaries about her.

chaunceydevega said...

@Free. Please explain John Galt, her philosophy of makers and takers, how the virtue of greed do not apply in Romney-Ryan world? Especially with Ryan's musings about the evils of "collectivism" i.e. that foul system called Social Security.

@Cnu. Plus 20 to 30 percent of the U.S. population is functionally illiterate. Not an accident.

nomad said...

I thought we were already at war. I guess Lew means a "real" war instead of this penny ante Afghan Iraq stuff. War of a different order than the perpetual one we're already in: the war on terror. Instead of a war on an abstract concept maybe we will have one against something of the material world.

Invisible Man said...

I don't think it's about mass slaughter, so much as mass harvesting i.e. bleeding the people dry of all their financial credit and liquidity. I think this is what the Matrix meant in terms of the sheepeople

nomad said...
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Unknown said...