Friday, February 3, 2012

The NY Times Probes the Existential Crisis of the Black Church; Eddie Long is Anointed as the King of the Ring

And you wonder why I have no use for the black church?

There are two immediate thoughts that come to mind in watching Eddie Sex Pervert Seduction of the Innocent Long.

First, the affect of the "Rabbi" who is whoring out "his" people reminds me of Tim Wise. I have the utmost respect for Brother Wise, so this is not a comment on any commonality in the substance of his message with that of the snake oil charlatan who anoints Eddie Long as a king. Simply, there is something frighteningly similar about their habitus and style.

Second, it has been said that in the black community the preacher and the pimp are the same cultural figure--they both have a cult of personality, drive expensive cars, exploit women, and wear garish clothing. Eddie Long would seem to prove the point as all he needs is a Bishop Don Magic Juan magical pimp cup to complete the transformation.

In all, the sheeple never fail to disappoint. From their belief that God manifests itself in rock star concert mega churches, to the ego gratification that comes with the cultivated narcissism of being "the chosen people" or "saved," I generally have no use for the mess that passes as religion. While I believe in a Prime Mover/Blessed Exchequer/Crom, the idea that anyone would put faith in a man, as opposed to going straight to the source, strikes me as so medieval. I will take my science is the mind of God, combined with a bit of mysticism and spirituality, and stirred with Richard Dawkins any day of the week, over the "approved" alternatives. But I digress.

On a more serious note, The NY Times has a nice series exploring the continued relevance of the black church as a political institution and social change agent that is worth checking out.

On a lighter, but still very illuminating note, the WWE's Royal Rumble was last weekend. Subsequently, it is fitting to remind ourselves that Eddie Long's shtick (like that of many others in churches, temples, and mosques around the world) is one big carnival act.

To point: Eddie Long's anointment as a savior and king is most evocative of how back in the 1980s, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase rejected convention and fashioned a championship belt for himself. DiBiase's act of hubris further advanced his heel persona, drew even more heat, and got him fully over with the crowd.

Sadly, those fools who sit in the pews at Eddie Long's church, tithing away their rent money to a criminal, do not realize that they are marks. But then again, maybe the lost souls know that it is all a big con, as they derive some sense of community and belonging from their shared exploitation.


Anonymous said...

Actually it was the Royal Rumble, not King of the Ring. I think that's in June.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. And I watched it. Thought Sheamus winning was meh. Thanks though. I always get the two confused.

Devona said...

This is a shame. It's unfortunate that this image has become the face of the Christian church. Not just the Christian church but the "black church" as well.

CNu said...

Long-legged mack-daddies opportunistically touching the magical prayer-cloth of anointing no longer enjoy either the stylistic or moral high-ground over ghetto-fabulous gorilla pimps.

Anonymous said...

The author of the article is clearly seeking to open a few eyes of some would be readers but, the church is not going to find common cause with gay rights supporters. Part of what keeps the sheeple sheeple is that man written book that have been perfected over the years to make it sufficiently malleable to interpretation. So long as the men wielding it for profit all agrree on the messages of intolerance they must spread and can point to passages to support them, no matter how elusive, then the sheeple will be fierce in their support of that view.

Anonymous said...

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