Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Ever Happened to Shame? Malcolm X Versus Proud Pregnant Black Teens

Hat tip to Rippa on this one. You do have to love Brother Denzel.

A provocative post.

What ever happened to shame? And wasn't shame a good thing when she kept our teen girls from posing bellies-exposed and taking pictures of what should be their private shame and circulating it online?

Please forgive me my old school respectable negro politics. Do pardon my pun, is this what radical sexual autonomy has "birthed?" Where did we go wrong as a people?

Or is this some type of co-parenting adaptive strategy among the underclasses where young women coordinate their pregnancies in order to be in an opportune position to share resources?


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Ms. Bunny Easter said...

I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

This really does make me extremely sad. But unfortunately it is something that I see way too often. And worse yet, I feel like tv shows now a days glorify teen pregnancies. At my high school there were at least 26 babies born to the students a year. And those were the ones that stayed in school. This is just sad

Anonymous said...

why tf would yall want to be so young and have kids i mean yall are kids yall damn self and yall trying to get pregnant thats just sad us black girls are too fine for that stuff i mean use protection and get on birth control if you're going to be having sex but i feel you should wait till you find a keeper and don't have kids until you graduate high school and have a job and you have your own place to live that is my advice i hope you use it wisely