Friday, October 21, 2011

Toure (Again) on MSNBC: Herman Cain is a "Coon" Who Acts Like Flavor Flav

I like Toure. I have read some of his work on hip hop. But, I bristle when I see folks doing a reach and trying to force punditry and insightful commentary. Yes, Herman Cain is a race minstrel. But, the real point of using that line of attack is not to engage in name calling. The real point is that Herman Cain's racial shtick is a means to an end, one which is very pernicious and an affront to the Common Good.

Folks are picking up my meme but don't have a real grasp of its nuance. That is very, very frustrating as borrowing without citation is one thing, but if you are going to do an homage at least innovate while staying true to the substance of the original work.

I am not "hating" on Toure for getting his shine. But, I arch my eyebrow when I know that I have cut promos on Herman Cain which are ten times better, sliced down to the bone and through the joints like Ogami Itto's katana, and where the material is 100 percent original.

Just "keeping it real" as we used to say a decade or so ago. I feel like I won. I also feel like I lost at the same time.

Now, back to other things...


Plane Ideas said...


You already know I feel about this and the ownership of your personhood in many incarnations...

Now I see you are lamenting over it..Bust a move:-)

Enjoy the weekend...I am going dark and underground my kids are in town..

Anonymous said...

In,2006, Herman Cain donated $1 million of his own money in an attempt to encourage black voters to vote pro-life.


Read more:

ish said...

O/T have you seen this?

Constructive Feedback said...

My dear friend Chauncey DeVega.

Still at it I see.

Worse than Flava Flav and his antics with White women is his partner Chuck D: