Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Are White Supremacists Saying About Herman Cain?

I am going to be doing a few posts on the Civil Rights Movement this week as Herman Cain's "I'm not a negro agitator book tour" demands to be put in a historical context. Also, for those who didn't have a chance to see it, go watch Herman Cain's speech at the "Values Summit" (what values I must ask? hate, demagoguery, bigotry, intolerance? I digress...) where he basically said who cares about Jim Crow and segregation I am rich, America loves me, and those other blacks are just complainers.

We know that Herman Cain is a human racism shield for Conservatives. As a black Conservative that is his designated role to play.

On their message boards and websites, Conservatives deploy many a racist defense for their man Herb Cain whenever he is attacked: Cain is a "good one"; He doesn't play the race card like the other blacks; Cain is off the Democrat plantation; He believes in hard work and never benefited from handouts or affirmative action. In all, these are projections which just reinforce the bigotry that lies at the heart of contemporary Conservatism. They are also projections of the White (Conservative) Soul and its racial id.

I judge a man by the company he keeps and by those who defend them when under attack and criticism. Cain lays with and curries the favor of white folks who don't have much love for black people. It is a strategic choice. It also pays well. But what of those whites who are open with their disdain for people of color? If the polite racists have to find ways to justify their racial animosity and channel it through Herman Cain to find some absolution and cover, what of unapologetic racists who don't excuse make?

I get dirty so that you won't have to. Here are some comments from Stormfront and "Niggermania" regarding Tea Party GOP front runner Herman Cain.

There are some eerie resonances here folks (check out "comment 16" for example) with what is common speak in the Right-wing echo chamber, this is the symbolic racism and white racial resentment of the Tea Party GOP totally unfettered:

1. The Blacks had their shot, and they blew it. Now we have prima facie evidence that a Black (or mulatto) President is not less moronic and incompetent than any educated White that can be put forth, so why bother?

2. I can't believe this is occurring in a formerly white nation. It's a sicking sight to witness. Obama and the left are going to destroy this uncle Tom as they're already calling conservatives racist and what's even more messed up is the conservatives are using it to, to counter them...Both kisses the negroids backside like it's some kind of god (worshiping them)...

3. On the flip-side, having both main parties with Negro candidates may wake White people up to the fact that they are NOT represented politically, in a way which a puppet White Republican candidate could never have done.

4. i think it would be a godsend to get hermain cain to win the primary.. can you imagine.. ron Paul goes independent against two black men vote split three ways... paul has a real chance to win

5. As an outsider, he seems like one unimpressive token candidate. Is that really the best black the Republicans could find to prove they're not racist?

6. A bunch of affirmative action jobs and a mumbling ghetto dialect. Even Obama sounds eloquent with a teleprompter.

7. I think that focus group was staged. I don't believe those people were representative of Americans. Herman Cain has no experience with handling people in the government. Also, he is black, and this isn't a black country. He talks slow because he thinks slow. We need a good, white president. Pick someone who we know has correct positions like Ron Paul.

8. I think it's funny that even the "conservative" Negroes can't stop trumpeting their race.

9. That's the problem, if we were a true meritocracy that might be the case, but playing the odds says any Negro in any high position has some AA skeletons in his closet.

10. A negra is a negra, So said Grand father Vox

11. I haven't listened to a thing this Negro has said, because, yup, he's a Negro and I wouldn't vote for him anyway.

12. Can anyone show me a place that functions with a ****** politician? Can anyone show me another country that is a decent place to live that has even a hint of a ****** leading it? We don't need one or the sake of having one. We don't need one at all.

13. Yes, he will support minorities, etc and he would not defend white people because he is a Negro. So...

14. But I am concerned with those points, I worry about the concept of "our Negro is better than your Negro, look we are not racist"

15. Hell will freeze over before I support or vote for this negro. Maybe he knows math and maybe not. You never know with their lot. They are given opportunities not afforded most whites. Chances are he didn't earn it, but had a hand up and has learned to parrot his lines well like our president. They thought he was smart also.

16. I don't want to see another black president either, but we can use Herman Cain. It's been pointed out that he is a big Uncle Tom. Quite literally 'Uncle Ruckus' from the racially motivated cartoon 'Boondocks'. If he is a canidate that White America can get behind, then the race card will be null and void.

17. I know I might get yelled at for this, but he's a conservative white man in a black mans skin. Even if he isn't as true to the cause as Ron Paul, who I fully support. But before you cast judgement please watch this clip on YouTube of Cain acting pro-white. It'll have you laughing.

18. Why the pizza nigger can never win: His supposed rise in GOP polls is just a ploy, the result of Repubs trying to prove to their left-wing accusers that they're not racist just because they hate Obongo; He has yet to be nationally vetted. Once he is, it will come out that he's done the typical TNB: fathered a love child, muh diked white former employees, misused funds, committed tax fraud, etc.; He runs on being this great bidnessman ... so why did the board of Godawful's Pizza fire his nigger ass? (Plus, he was only hired so the company could qualify for fed grants requiring minority management.); The nigger had stage 4 colon and liver cancer, had surgery, but at 66 he's basically a dead nigger walking, not healthy enough for public office; He's way too primitive a nigger. Unlike the high yellow Harvard edumacated Obongo, the coal black cone-headed Cain went to all nigger Morehouse College. Morehouse. Can you get more nigger than that?

19. You would think people would have learned by now that a nigger can't handle the job of POTUS. If it comes down to nigger vs nigger, we will be in deep doo doo. Herman coon has its 999 plan. 9% national tax on purchased goods. This on top of your local and state tax will put everyone in the poor house. We all know that as CEO of nigger king and babydaddy pizza, it was the humans that did all the work and turned the company around. At this time we have a one drop rule nigger in the White House. If we end up with a full blown nigger in charge the entire country will end up a ghetto.

20. The problem here is that the first nigger president has turned out to be such a disaster. The libs and the left and every one suffering from white mans guilt just cannot admit to it being such a bad idea. So they say it is not that he is a nigger. It is that Obongo was not up to the job. So they scramble to place another nigger in office. This they say will prove once and for all "when he wins" that they really are just like us. Problem is that the nigger will just continue to run her into the ground. Then what will they do? Four more years of closing their eyes and chanting "We are the world?" Or will some sense of sanity finally emerge from this modern day dark age?


Alliyah Gallows said...

Cain lays with and curries the favor of white folks who don't have much love for black people. It is a strategic choice. It also pays well.

Ah yes...the classic Rented Negro....

YogiFish said...
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YogiFish said...

This is a perfect conversation for American politics. There will be a third party for this election, and it will be because of RACE!

Obama vs. Cain vs. ? (Custer's Last Stand Part)

Plantsmantx said...

Yeah, comment #16. It's funny as hell that he's talking about The Boondocks being "racially motivated...on Stormfront.

Henri B. said...

I agree with #5. Despite my disagreement with the politics of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice I found them to be visibly capable and clearly intelligent people. Herman Cain's background may indicate intelligence but then he opens his mouth . . .

I love human behavior and figuring out why people do the things they do but people like Herman Cain stump me completely. I always fantasize about catching them alone and asking if they really believe their own hype or are they exploiting the fact that America has an individualistic culture where if you want to get ahead you have to be willing to step over your dead grandma.

DebC said...

cd...I know this post is about Cain and white supremacists, and I don't mean to be OT (*ducks head, lookin' for Thrasher* after the last time I did this), but come on Man, none of this is new - nor is it party-specific!

Surely you remember this -;

and a more fleshed out version from Julianne Malveaux -

And as far as #16 goes,they're not doing anything that the Democrats didn''t do with the Changeling, which I tried to address here -

Yes, as Ankh said, Cain is a classic, Rented Negro (or, as Abagond put it in that post -"An Uncle Tom with stock options"). But so is the Changeling - and he's been paid wa-a-ay better than Cain for it!

I'd be zeroing in on scary commenter#3 - especially since white supremacists have been calling for an all-out race war even before the Changeling.

Methinks instances of white folk stock-piling weapons is not so coincidental, particularly since Niggerhead Ranch still exists, even if the name was painted over! (It exists, right there along with several other places duly named by whites, and Blacks) - -

...nor is it fear-mongering by the Democrats (you can read their, "Homeland Security: Economic, Political Climate Fueling Extremism" report at this link to the Southern Poverty Law Ctr. -

...and connivin' commenter#4 - I never thought Paul had a snowball's chance in hell, (maybe I better start doing some research!). I did, however, read this excerpt from his book right before he announced -

While his pro-life stance on women's choice is cause for trepidation, there are a few things in there with which I agree (not enough to vote for him, if I was voting).

Things like:

• Do not participate in any manner—
directly or indirectly — in torture.
• Do not participate in human experimentation. I’m not referring to testing new drugs with the patient’s consent. I’m speaking of our long history of military participation in human experimentation. The Tuskegee experiment, in which black soldiers who had syphilis were deliberately mistreated (more like "not treated", Ron! - *twinge* alert), is one example.
• Do not be involved with the state in executing criminals or in any way approve the carrying out of the death penalty.
• Do not participate in government-run programs where medical care is rationed for economic or social reasons that place relative value on life.
• Do not give political or philosophical support for wars of aggression, referred to as preventive wars.

Just my 4 cents...

Anonymous said...

I really wish someone would sit Mr. Black Walnut in front of a monitor so that he could see what the people he is pandering to really think of him. He is apparently still at it today. I think today's comments will earn him some backlash from black leaders everywhere. I simply cannot to read this blog tomorrow.

nomad said...

Sorry. I'm not paying a lot of attention to Cain. And I won't until he becomes President. Yeah. That could happen. (LOL) Like Deb I'm more concerned with the light-skinned HNC
fiddlin' while Rome burns and promising to put out the fire after the next election.

that Negra said...

Geez...(sigh I must concur with Ankhesen Mié in the 'Rented Negro, role.' I have not been following, but, I am now.

Cain is the epitome of the black faced, red lipped, tap-dancing please the master fool. 21st coonery.

Oh Crap said...

CDV - if you want to know where the GOP bigot brigades are headed v-v their massive cognitive dissonance over African Americans, keep your eye on the Cain threads at, Big Government and related sites.

(Others might not recognize those posters as the pitchforks that were sent to CDV's initial Herb Cain critiques at alternet.)

If you really want to wade in, see also their threads about Niggerhead Ranch, anything with alsharptonjessejacksonon it and of course anything about the president. Those match anything found at Stormfront or youtube.

For some reason, HC wants these people's validation via votes.

chaunceydevega said...

@Ohcrap. If you want since you are more plugged in there, write something up so I can post it.

DebC said...

"I'd be zeroing in on scary commenter#3 - especially since white supremacists have been calling for an all-out race war even before the Changeling.".

I said this up-thread earlier, and today, in an email from a conservative site I follow (to keep up with what they're thinking) and this was the first item: "You're About To Learn Insider Secrets To Survive Disasters, Pandemics, Economic Collapse, and Breakdowns In Civil Order." ([SIP][CNSNews][textad][10-26-2011]&Contact0LeadSourceId=365&email=)

It is, apparently (I didn't enter my email address and subscribe), a "Family Preparedness mini-course on the "Secrets of Urban Survival" - offered by the NRA!!!

Nah, I'm not worried about what they are saying about Herman Cain, I'm more concerned about what they are doing. {smdh}

Anonymous said...

"It will come out that he's done the typical TNB" - He was right.