Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Funny: Old School Player Wisdom on the Joys of Sex

We are the product of those who mentor us. For example, I have mentioned my uncle Mr. Tucker many times on this site as an entry point for folks to understand just where the twisted genius that is Chauncey DeVega came from.

He was the old school player eccentric who would ask me about the differences between the wondrous yonis of the different races. Mr. Tucker would travel to the Dominican Republic with garbage bags full of cheap clothes and trinkets for the young women he would bed while on holiday. He was also the millionaire skinflint next door who never parted with his ducats, even after death (a long story). And in my favorite memory of him, my uncle--a married man by the way--had a personal refrigerator that was padlocked and chained shut so that his wife would not steal "his" food. It was only after his death that I found out the strange and even more astounding truth behind his odd refrigerator practices...but the truth of that mystery will remain mine and mine alone, for the dead must be allowed their secrets.

Apparently, my uncle Tucker has a doppelganger who dispenses sage wisdom on love, sex, and the mysteries of women. Random question: Why is it that the old, out of shape, and seemingly undesirable seem to get all the play? Second question: Is this what Viagra has wrought upon us as a society?

Laugh and enjoy. And if you can, go out there and get yourself a "snappy" this Saturday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

It's spelled ducats:

Anonymous said...

And how much time do you spend every day looking for this type of garbage to post? Jesus!

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon 1--thanks.

@Anon 2--as much time as you do.