Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday (Sort of) Funny--South Carolina Senate Candidate Alvin Greene Meets JJ Walker

One day there will be a folk song called The Strange Saga of Alvin Greene. The victory of a near destitute, former GI, accused sex-offender over the party's preferred candidate in a major primary would make for more than a few good lines of rhythmic prose.

Ultimately, until the dust settles and more information comes to light, we are really just theorizing in a black box about Mr. Greene's victory. Here are the three most prominent scenarios, that per tradition, I will leave for you all to sort out.

1. Alvin Greene is a plant, a stooge for the Republican Party who paid him to run.

2. Republican voters acted strategically. In an open primary they voted for the weaker candidate so that in the actual election their preferred candidate would win.

3. Alvin Greene simply got lucky and won. No hijinks or trickery needed.

Regardless of how this all plays out, in sorting through the possibilities I kept thinking of the classic Cosby/Poitier film Let's Do it Again. To me Alvin Greene seems like JJ Walker, a pawn in a bigger con that he is not privy to.

Now the question becomes, is Alvin Greene just playing the okeydoke and pretending to be a bit slow on the uptake, or is Mr. Greene really the vulnerable, naive, and a bit slow (if not disabled) person that he is presenting himself to be?


jacked UP jazz said...

I know you probably didn't intend for it to be done this way, but if you play the Let's Do it Again clip in the background while simultaneously playing the Keith Olberman clip and keeping the Olberman clip in view on the screen it makes for an eerie and interesting juxtaposition.

Oh, and Mr. Greene, according to published media reports, has only been charged with a sex crime and has not been convicted of anything as yet.

chaunceydevega said...

Didn't catch that! Do you watch Pink Floyd with Wizard of Oz too? ;)